How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

4 thoughts on “How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation”

  1. Nice write up, Luis (and I’m sorry I’m late in seeing it!). I felt the same way reading it… a nice stroll down social media lane a bit.

    I had a different conversation with Shel Israel the other day when we were talking about the history of “online” collaboration at IBM. It dates back to well before the Internet. The VM system was around in the 80s, and was a social hub. I’m writing up some info on it now… and putting together a timeline. I think you’ll enjoy.

    1. Hiya, Adam! Thanks for dropping by, my friend! Glad you enjoyed the write up! Not as much fun as I had, probably, while reading up the original article. Lots of golden nuggets in there to ponder some more and digest!

      Yes, I have “heard” about how you guys are putting together a section on what IBM has done about online collaboration starting back at the good old VM world! I hope you will have a chance to mention there the VM Forums and their tremendous history of success in being the glue that helped the company stick together as well as how VM, back then, already provide a very similar functionality to what Twitter does today, i.e. micro-sharing…

      In a way, we may not have invented anything at this point in time, after having that blast from the past when you brought VM up! 😀

      Look forward to getting my hands on it and reading it through! I’m sure it will be another interesting reading! Thanks, Adam, for the feedback!

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