The Real Business Value of Social Networking

5 thoughts on “The Real Business Value of Social Networking”

  1. When I read your original post and the light went on, I had to stand up and walk around to take it all in (actually, I almost JUMPED up!) – that is how large of an ‘ah-ha!’ moment it was for me.

    Thanks for the original post, and for this kind post as well. It was wonderful to see everyones reactions to our posts. I hope others were able to have similar ‘ah-ha’ moments as well!

  2. Yes, Luis, it has to be real. We have exchanged ideas over several years and I’m still not sure if you would let me sleep in your living room for three nights. BTW, you’re always welcome here šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Luis: I think Mr. Godin’s point is essentially quality matters. For example, the impact of a Facebook fan page on a large enterprise is inconsequential. However, a small business will recognize the value immediately.

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