Life Goes on, I Guess – Leaving IBM …

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  1. Wow, I thought one of the best people for IBM was about to be one of the best people for someone else. Scary and exciting all at the same time.

    Glad you are getting something you want.

    I have been meaning to reach out to you to discuss an idea. Will try you on Skype soon.

  2. Hello folks! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind comments! They are greatly appreciated! And, believe me those of you I have been in touch with sharing some of the details on this change would surely know how much I appreciate it coming it to such an exciting change! It has been a long, but worth while path to walk and now time to enjoy the perks of feeling at *home* doing what I like the most! 🙂

    Gia, yes, indeed, I knew it would resolve itself over time. It was just a matter of hanging in there, for the right moment, and that finally made it through! We should catch up some time in Skype! Or, better, F2F!!!

    Swan, more than happy to get together with you on Skype to discuss that idea, although perhaps this week is going to be tough! Far too many things that need wrapping up before I am done for the year, but we can give it a try next week and see how it goes from there. Let’s keep in touch!

    Thanks everyone for the congrats & for the lovely comments! They are greatly appreciated and next time we meet up face to face drinks are on me 😉

  3. ¡Luis!

    You scare the (put your “favorite” expletive here) out of me! 🙂

    Kudos on your new “location”!

    Gia just beat me on the “Spaniard” thing so the only thing left to be done is wish you luck!


  4. Hi Julio & Alan! Appreciated the kind commentary! Yes, it surely has been a ride so far, but somehow something tells me this would not be the last bit of excitement coming through! Specially with that comment from Alan on the new record of BluePages. Already sensing there would be plenty of fun times (Not!) coming through! Let’s see how much of that I can blog about externally and how much it remains internal 😉

    Thanks again, guys, and speak to you soon!

  5. I’m so happy for you that this transfer has finally happened, after weeks, no months, er years of effort on your part! You certainly deserve this change. Wishing you all the best in the IBM Spain organization!!


  6. Luis, you had me thinking my notion of what’s happening in response to the economic catastrophe all wrong. You see, I figure the meltdown makes way for social media to replace classrooms, and you’re one of the voices heralding the change. Reading your first paragraphs, I worried, “Oh no, Big Blue doesn’t get it after all.”

    Glad to find I was wrong.

    Buena suerte, amigo.


    1. Hi Jay! Whoooaaahhhh! *blush* Many thanks! Well, if there is anything that I can do to help accelerate that change, not to worry that I will surely be on board of that mission. I think it is a very much needed, and refreshing, change the corporate world cannot longer ignore / refuse to adopt and it is with thought leaders as inspirational as you are in the space of Informal Learning that are helping the rest of us to follow you!

      Keep up the lovely piece of work! (And thanks again for the comments!)

  7. I was so scared reading the first line sof your blogpost… 🙂

    Glad to figured it out the real meaning in the following. Madrid is a very good choice. Best of luck for your new entity and talk to you soon.

    I’ll be in Madrid on next 24-27 of March for a Graduate Program course. If it is possible with your agenda, let’s enjoy some “tapas y cerveza” there.

    1. Bon jour, Timothee! Appreciated the comments. Actually, my office base would be, indeed, in Madrid, but my home office would still be in Gran Canaria 😉

      Let’s keep in touch and see if we would be able to meet up in Madrid in March, if I am around… Have a good one!

  8. Pffffffeeeeewwww

    That was I close one I almost killed myself :-D. I honestly was thinking if IBM is gonna let this happens then I can kill myself 🙂

    But Luckely you are being kept for the IBM company. Hope your blogs will stay even after moving.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Sjaak! Yes, the blogs are staying the same, no changes in that area. Only thing I am trying to do now, by which you won’t be affected, is re-gaining my corporate blog, which seems to be taking rather long at the moment, to run a single command, but we shall see how that goes…

  9. Sí, también son ganas de despertar a la gente :-). Eso no se hace.

    En cualquier caso, a ver si estando por aquí hay ocasión de charlar un día. Y felicidades por conseguir el cambio.

    Un saludo,


  10. Hi Luis,

    When I first read the heading of this blog, I thought what a pitty for IBM if they are going to loose such an enthusiastic employee.

    But just like everybody else, I was also relieved that you are switching counties (what´s wrong with the Netherlands though? 😉

    I wish you lots of fun and challenges in you new/old job. Although my internship at IBM ended, my thesis will be finished in January, I will keep you updated when you can expect a copy!

  11. Ditto from above: “You had me fooled for a moment! Congratulations!” My experience is that change always brings new opportunities and excitement. I’ll bet you’re well suited to deal with it.

    I’ve got 2 opportunities (March/April) to discuss with you in the New Year, or when we can. Look forward to connecting.

    1. Hi Tim, not sure whether you are still monitoring these comments or not, but if you are and still interested in discussing further those 2 opportunities, please do let me know and see if we could make them happen. You know where to find me 😉

  12. A bit late (as I usually am), but congratulations on your new job at IBM Spain!

    Looking forward to read about your experiences with thinking outside the inbox in a new working environment.

    1. Hi Kurt! Thanks a bunch for following up! It is greatly appreciated and will keep you posted on how things developed for 2010. If I have got any further comments or questions I will surely let you know about it. Again, thanks for the kind comments and speak to you soon!

  13. Congratulations Luis !!
    You scared me a bit there at first, but this is certainly the best step to take.

    Welcome to Software Group!

    And I hope to see you soon, I have got my 12th anniversary coming up too 😉 since we started at the same time doing the same thing in that same place ….
    But you’re more famous than me now ! And you certainly deserve it.

    Keep up the good work, talk to you soon,

  14. Whooooaaahhhhh! Thanks ever so much, folks, for dropping by and for sharing those kind and warm comments with the congrats! Must say I thought about not commenting for the time being and see how the first month at my new work would be getting along and so far it is going terrific!

    I know that for most of you, specially outside of IBM, it may not necessarily mean much, since I will still be doing the same thing and talking to you in the same way, but for me the change has been tremendously beneficial from some many perspectives! Perhaps one of these days I shall post another blog entry where I can share what it has meant for me to move into IBM Spain, after all of these years trying. Finally, my new reality!

    Thanks everyone and LOL! on the scary thought from the first few paragraphs, eh? I just tried to play the game along with a couple of folks (Yes, you know who you are!) who were thinking my days in IBM were numbered… Well, just couldn’t resist playing that trick and share with everyone the real scoop of the story 😉 heh

    Thanks again everyone for the congrats and see you F2F or online!

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