Oh, No!!! Have I Become a Mac Fanboy?

14 thoughts on “Oh, No!!! Have I Become a Mac Fanboy?”

  1. Hi Dennis! Yeah, who would have thought about that, eh? I mean, two years ago the MacBook Pro world was a very dark place, a place where you would not want to go. A place that would make your life difficult. That’s what was coming along that side and what I learned to live with. But then again, I decided to dive in, check out the dark side and eventually found out it is the light side!

    Goodness! What a difference it makes! Only thing I regret nowadays is how long it took me to jump sides and enjoy a new productivity experience! But then again, you already know that, eh? 😉

    Yes, indeed, it makes perfect sense! (And loving it so far!)

  2. Welcome to the light side Luis. I got my Mac for work back in April and have no regrets.. well, except for the fact that I didn’t wait until now to get one of the new models.. oh well, in 1.5 years IBM will give me a new Mac 😉 If I could only fast forward through time… April 2010: where are you?

  3. Welcome to the power side!! 🙂 If you ever read my internal blog, Macs ARE FOR power users.. You’re just letting your geekiness out! 🙂

    There’s actually a rather large IBM population using Macs as their primary machines.. I, like Luis B, made the switch this year.. Enjoy!

  4. Nice purchase, Luis! They are quite beautiful bits of kit.

    My now previous gen MacBook Pro is very kindly provided by work so it’s not going anywhere (nor would I want it to), but if I had the chance I would definitely go for a new 13″ unibody MacBook to complement it and take to conferences.

    And yes, Apple Stores should have Health warnings above the doors – demonstrating danger to wallets and the plastic inside them!

    Enjoy. 🙂

  5. Mirror mirror on the wall, do I like to see myself that all?
    Why is it, that there less and less non glare notebooks available? It took me quite a while to find a replacement for my old Asus with a non glare screen.
    But Macs look cute, even I have to admit.

  6. Hi guys! Many many thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated! heh

    Luis, Gene, actually I have been using another MacBook Pro for a few months now, nearly a year and a half now, and must confess when the new models came out I just couldn’t help it and thought I would need to get my hands on one of them. I have totally enjoyed the experience so far of using my Mac for work related stuff and so far it has done a tremendous job at it, which is why I knew that the new one would be up to the same standards and so far it has!

    Yes, I know that IBM is starting to make Macs available to various different employees, which, I think, is a good sign of how robust they are compared to other machines and OS. Surely a healthy sign that we may be enjoying some good times getting to use tools the way they were purposed in the first place! Can’t wait for that to spread around even more! heh

    Ryan, yeah, I think I am becoming one of those! I mean, in the last five years I have purchased more Apple equipment than in my entire history working in IT! But seeing the quality of their products I just couldn’t help it, don’t you think? Yes, they may be pricey and everything, but over time they surely are worth the money! No doubt!

    Alex, I was very close as well to get my hands on the 13”, and for the same purpose, going and attending conferences with it, but then again, I thought, well, you are not constantly going to be at conferences next year, so you might as well have a powerful machine in the mean time, too! And that is why I decided to go for the 15” new model. And so far loving the experience, for sure!

    And yes, I need to be careful when passing by such stores. They are so dangerous and unhealthy with all of that candy showing on the displays and everything! And then my wallet and the plastic inside it will go into an interesting diet for the next few months! 😀

    Hannes, LOL! Interesting comments! I must say that at the very beginning I did have the same kind of reservations and everything about the glare, but then again, the time I have been working with the new Mac things have been incredibly good and the glare has not affected in any way how I interact with the Mac itself.

    We will probably have to wait a few months to see what the experience would be like and see if I have changed my mind, but so far it is just such a treat! And it looks cute, too! 🙂 hehe

    Thanks everyone for the feedback and for dropping by!

  7. Good for you! As an IBMer who has made the transition to the dark side (light side?) myself, I can appreciate your reasons and your excitement for the new models. As a recent convert, inside the walls of Big Blue, I’m sure my experience has been different (easier?) than yours was, two years ago – here’s a link to a few posts of my experience – http://w3.tap.ibm.com/weblogs/FieldMac/ (inside IBM only).

  8. Hi Phil! Thanks for the feedback comments! Oh, WOW! How could I have missed your internal blog on the Mac@IBM experience! Goodness! Adding it into my feed reader and ready to dive in and engage further on commenting how our experiences are going. I must say that I love the last quote of you last blog entry on what you will no longer use at work … hehe I am on the same boat! Once we have seen that light, there is no way back! Really! And happy to see you also think along the same lines …

    Thanks again and hope to chime in with some of your blog posts soon!

  9. Hi!
    This is so true that Macbook Pro was a dark past in 2007. I have a really funny story: Our school bought 14 MBP for my class. Now, I am writing on one, which have had been in service 3 times already (graphics issues). And the same is true for the 11 out of 14 of the laptops too. My newly ordered x200t is at the IT now and I am anxiously awaiting till those guys finish installing the software. Overall, if not the glitches with reliability I would like macs more. The platform doesn’t matter for me, since I virtualize my machines and Mac is good to run VMs. The only other problem I had is substandard keyboard and touchpad. I had try on the new macs it stayed the same… 🙁 I ended up writing my assignments and tests on 3 year old HP machine instead of the shiny new mac machine. Another thing is that I tend to sweat during hot summers, so the aluminium enclosure which heats up to 50 deg C id not a best thing to go…
    Wish you best of luck, but macs are all about the eye candy and this is sometimes not that important…

    1. Hi Marek! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for sharing your story on making use of Macs. I must say that I am already on my second MacBook Pro (This last one from November last year) and so far the experience has been quite different from that one of yours. I haven’t had a single problem with either of them (knock on wood!) and so far the experience has been superior. I just hope it may have been a minor incident with you and hope you will be able to make use of them heavily once again…

      With the new models, funny enough, it’s the keyboard and the touchpad two of my favourite features to work with; ever since I start making use of one of the newer models my wrists are rather helpful that they are not under such strain as when working with a Windows laptop or the older Mac models. So much easier on them! Just because of that the new models are worth it!

      Perhaps over the next few days I will detail some more what that experience has been so far, so you have a chance to check what my usage has been and how I have benefited from it, but so far, really happy with it! Hope it lasts…

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences and hope they will improve once again.

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