Yoigo – Verdad Verdadera – Seriously? You Reckon?

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  1. Hello,

    Are using a regular YOIGO SIM card or a special SIM CARD “Internet para llevar” ?

    From some weeks ago, you can buy that special card for Internet access, with a USB modem or somethink like this. I had tested this SIM in Madrid, and works fine(now HSDPA include).


  2. Hi Bitspain!

    Yes, I am using a regular Yoigo SIM card and not a special SIM CARD for the Internet itself. And I have it under contract, which means I am not sure whether I can switch it to the “Internet para llevar” one, since I know it takes a little bit of a procedure to eventually resign using it and claim the other one. Is there a chance that I can exchange one from the other without having to incur in a drastic change of pricing or whatever other extra ruling?

    And much more importantly, are the conditions very similar? Because last time I check they weren’t. I mean with the Yoigo SIM card I understand there is no limit in download / upload for a daily / monthly fee, and from what I recall the “Internet para llevar” does have a limit…

    Can you confirm? Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback! Appreciated!

  3. A reliable, solid connection is more important than speed as long as the price is reasonable. I am amazed at how much I can get done at 44.6 kbs, dialup in the Marshall Islands. The price, 3 cents/minute is not good but it is more solid than the much higher speed WiFi at 10 cents/minute. Telco monopoly situation. A far cry from the dependable, inexpensive options in Honolulu.
    I wonder if there is a website where travellers can compare connectivity options by country?

  4. Hi Luis,

    i dont know if you can change or exchange your SIM, but its very cheap to buy a new “Internet para llevar” SIM.
    The “original” YOIGO SIM is for voice services and for real mobillity internet (with phone or smartphone), i belive for cut abuse connections; so, for use with a Nokia phone or somethink like this, the “original” SIM its enought, but not for intensive Laptop use.

    With “Internet para llevar” SIM you have:
    – 1 giga month for 25 euro (HSDPA)
    – 2º, 3º, 4º gigas, for 15 euro/each, and speed 128 kbps (yes, i know, its very slow…
    all conditions:
    And you can use this Special SIM for voice to, of course, with normal voice and SMS yoigo price.

  5. Hi Dan! Thanks much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Yes, I can imagine it would be so; however, for someone like me who does no longer work through e-mail, but relies on a steady connection for IM, and various SNS, while grabbing feeds and updates from other sites, I am starting to relying on a scalable Internet connection and that “always ON” mode. Yes, I realise that this may be an area where Web 2.0 tools would need to dive in and provide offline support, but so far it is not happening and the fact that Yoigo provided such option I thought was worth it, till I tried it out consistently and found out it was not meeting my needs as I thought it would be! Oh, well, I guess I am just expecting too much from a standard broadband connection!

    Not sure there exists such Web site that would allow you to compare options by country, but I would love to see it happening at some point to help us, end-users, smarten up on what we pay and get provided and compare with others. I am sure we would be running into interesting surprises!

    Thanks again for commenting!

  6. Hi Bitspain! Thanks again for the follow up and for the feedback comments! I am not sure I would be interested in that “Internet para llevar SIM”. I have just taken a look into the link you mentioned above and I find it rather surprising to be paying for that amount of money for 1GB of traffic… In a good day at my workplace that’s what I generate in activity. Perhaps two days! And then what do I do the rest of the month? Continue making use of it and pay up to 70€, which is double the amount of money I am paying right now for my standard ISP connection?

    Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t call that advantegous and, what’s worse, the speed is not as good as I would have hoped for. I may be too demanding on my needs of being constantly connected wanting to access richer Web sites with more complex content than just text, but then again that’s my daily job. That’s what I do and if Yoigo can provide for such needs for knowledge workers I guess it will remain there: in the consumer space readily available for those folks wanting text and e-mail.

    Well, not here. Sorry. I guess I would eventually need to continue with my search. Oh, and by the way, the connection to the Internet is as slow on the Mac laptop as it is on the regular N95. Just trying to load a site like Yoigo.com can take me up to 2 to 3 minutes directly from the N95. And as soon as I have multiple requests to connect to other Web sites the same thing happens! Timing out all the time!

    Like I said, all of this happening not just with the SIM card as modem for the Mac, but also directly from the mobile phone. And believe me, there is no way I am going to be waiting for 2 minutes while on the road to load a single Web site.

    Life is too short to have to wait for your mobile provider to catch up with the times!

    Appreciate again your comments, comments and the follow up! Thanks for those!

  7. Ok Luis,

    I understand you 100%, because i feel the same: october 2008 it´s no posible to use a real flat price or fixed price for a mobile internet connection; all you can find will be limited for speed, time, Gigas, days…or a mix !!!

    But some i can tell you is a tested for 1 hour a SIM “Internet para llevar SIM” with a SUB 3G modem, with good speed test and good real sensation sbout it.

    And about a good price and a good plan for internet mobility, i belive is like for voice plans:
    – The best Price and the best Plan will be the price and plan more similar to your user profile; and some millions of users in Spain (and all arround the World) ask to friends, family, etc about Which operator or plan do you use? that is a wrong way for to choose operator and “your best plan”.

    happy to meet you.

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