Trip to Barcelona – On Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Trip to Barcelona – On Holidays!”

  1. Hi Luis! I’m usually not unhappy with Yoigo. This past week I’ve also had some problem connecting. Things are working much better since I switched from selecting just GSM networks to select 3G networks.

  2. Hi Xavi! Thanks much for the feedback comments on Yoigo! I am not sure what’s going on, but I have always been using 3G as my main method to get connected and I still have the issues of not getting really good speeds, which is funny, because I am in Barcelona, as you well know, and you would expect there would be a very good connection, right? Well, there isn’t. But that will be the subject of another blog post! 😉

    Hope we would have a chance to meet up before I leave on Monday morning… Let’s get in touch! And thanks for the great feedback and helpful tip as well as for dropping by! See you soon!

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