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Why Wikis Are Conquering the Enterprise

In the past, you may recall how I have been talking a few times about one of my favourite social software tools out there for teams, communities, and whatever other groups, to get together to collaborate and share knowledge with one another in order to be able to codify some[…]

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Shortcuts Podcast – How to Use Wikis at Work (Part One)

In the past you would recall how I have actually been participating in IBM’s Shortcuts podcast in a couple of episodes sharing some thoughts and tips on getting the most out of social bookmarking. Well, I thought you would be interested in another episode, the first out of two, that[…]

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Corporate Use of Wikis

Just recently I discovered an enlightening weblog that after reading through some of the different posts I just knew I had to subscribe to it to keep up with some interesting and worth while discussions. The weblog itself is eContent by Rich Hoeg and you can find it over here.[…]

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