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The Sweettt Podcast – Episode 6 – The Best Way to Share Knowledge

Goodness! It looks like we are on a row, eh? Here we go, with, yet again, another episode from The Sweettt Show, the Tertulia 2.0 podcasting series I am co-hosting with my good friend Matt Simpson, where we are back at it again talking around the subject of "The Age of Conversation" and where this time around we dive into, amongst many other things, "The Age of Conversation".

Matt already shared the details and the link to this particular episode and I can certainly encourage you to have a look into the initial description he put together, because it is rather descriptive of what you would find throughout the episode itself. Here is a short excerpt taken directly from his blog post:

"Engaging in meaningful discourse enables us to truly know what we think we know, by getting a chance to hear what we have to say. The ability to recognize certain facts and patterns is only an introductory level of understanding. However, when we can freely recall information & ideas, and actually generate language based on those concepts, this is an indication that a deeper, more thorough level of understanding is achieved."

I would also suggest you take a look into his show notes as you would be able to find a nice outline of what we discussed over the course of nearly 25 minutes and which I am sure you are going to find rather enlightening with all of the different links included.

At the same time, and also, to keep things going, I will go ahead and share with you folks my own show notes, so that you get a flavour as well of what I got out of this particular episode, where you will see that we are still touching base on our own experiences around Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, from back in June (And Yes! I still need to put together the highlights and share them with you over here, but doing it through the podcast is probably just as good, right?). So here you have got them:

"– Still on the "Age of Conversation"
– On the importance of Introduction on a podcast… Or not? Probably not, right?
– Forget that you are recording in the first place! You would be much better off, believe me.
– "Feelings inside of you are a tremendous source of information […]", bunch of wise words, indeed! Glad Matt shared them with us!
– Ok, ok, no traditional Intro on Sweettt.com. Let’s bring it on! Natural conversations rule!
– Oh, oh, I think we just set up on an outroduction for the podcast.
Nik Canvin, fellow IBMer and communitybuilder, gets another mention… Where is he nowadays? What’s he up to?
Nancy Dixon gets another mention on describing how to get the most out of speakers. And it is not their speech or their lovely presentation, but something else…
– Facilitating a conference event is not an easy task, but certainly dominating your session would probably not be the right way, would it?
– The best conference events out there are those where dialogue and conversation take place. Not where people pitch at you whatever they would want to without allowing for interaction back at them! Doh! Any conference available out there following this format, please?
– No names mentioned, but those folks who were at Enterprise 2.0 may well remember one of the keynote speaker sessions doing it all along these very same lines and totally wrong. Right from the start, and right till the end of the *next* keynote session!
– Leaving your comfort zone can be a real challenge, eh? Are you willing to do just that?
– It is *good* to let control go, people! Specially if you are in the Enterprise 2.0 field!
– Ahhh, the power of the lobby!! That’s where the *real* conversations take place!
– Go out and seek out those conversations. Don’t wait for them to come around your way!
– Why is it that most Subject Matter Experts feel threatened when leaving their knowledge comfort zones? Are they still expecting, or expected, to know it all? Hallo?!? Not anymore! Welcome to the 21st century! Wake up! Move on and dive into the conversations. You are missing out!
– Instead of patronising the audience, next time around try by facilitating the session with the audience. See the difference!
Carl Frappaolo, one of the speakers at Enterprise 2.0, gets a mention on how he got it right, from the very beginning!
– And his session was one of the best from the entire conference!
– *That* is just how you engage, as a speaker, on whatever session you may be providing: get the best out of the audience!"

And with that stay tuned for our next episode where we expand plenty more on this very same subject of engaging with your audience at conference events as the best, and most effective, method of knowledge sharing and mutual learning!

Oh, and if you thought I would let you go and listen to the episode directly or download it from here, it is not going to happen just yet. Why? Because I thought I would share with you as well the lovely Wordle (Thanks, Jonathan!) that Matt put together for this episode. Here it is:

Wordle B

Have fun!

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The Sweettt Podcast – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast

And we keep moving on! As you may have noticed already, over at Sweettt.com, Matt Simpson, co-host along with myself of The Sweettt Show, has just created a blog post a few hours ago, where he is sharing the next episode from our podcasting series on the topic of "How to Make a Great Podcast". But before moving on further on sharing a few thoughts about it, I thought I would go and clarify a couple of items that may need further explanations.

As you may have read in a previous blog post, we are not on episode #2 of the series, but on #5. It was, indeed, the second episode I co-hosted the podcast with Matt, but he has been working already on Sweettt.com for a little while and in reality we would be talking about that #5 I just mentioned. Thus we haven’t chewed on three consecutive instances of the podcast. I just caught up myself with the total amount of episodes available for tuning in! And yes, we are on #5!

Second item that I would want to touch base on is that if you have listened to that last episode shared you would be able to find out how we are still searching for the identity of the podcast and we may have reached it already! We are probably getting very close and we are going this time around with "The Sweettt Tertulia". We both like the term & the concept quite a bit and may stick with it for a little while more, as we explore some more options, but so far, it does seem to resemble that whole purpose of what we envisioned for the podcasting series from the very beginning: A Tertulia of a couple of friends with some other friends coming along and engaging in conversations on topics we all feel very passionate about!

Thus with all of that said, you can go ahead and check out "Sweettt.com – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast", from where you can listen to the podcast episode directly from there or, alternatively, you could go ahead and download the .mp3 audio directly from here. As usual, Matt put together a few show notes, which will give you an idea of what we talked over the course of roughly over 30 minutes. And at the same time, he included the lovely Wordle (From Jonathan Feinberg), which I am also going to include over here, so that you can get a bit more of a visual image of what we talked about:

Oh, and if you would want to have some more text, apart from all of what I have already mentioned over here, check out my show notes from the episode, where I have also tried to keep that informal flavour from previous chapters:

Show Notes #5:

– Still recovering from the SMACK found from episode #4. Boy, *that* was hilarious! Tummy still hurts!!
– Ahhh, those good old times while at high school. Remember them?
– Sweettt Tertulia is born! And with a special 2.0 flavour!
– Yeah, I like it … "The Sweettt Tertulia Show". Think we just nailed it! 🙂
– Moving on with the topic of Conversations (Yeah, we know, our favourite subject!)
– Finding the identity of a podcasting series is not as easy as you would think! Specially striking for the magic formula!
– What makes a good podcast? Yes, that’s what was in our mind and we think we are getting pretty close …
– Whooops! 113 downloads, not episodes, Mr! What were you thinking?!?!?
Doug Cornelius, one of our favourite KM bloggers gets a mention, while discussing podcast consumption, while commuting.
– Time flies when you are having fun and you completely forget you are recording!
– 30 minutes of goodness! Is that the right length?
– 30 minutes may be a good measure, but why cut off the conversation when it is really engaging? Keep it rolling, baby!!
– Slicing it all may well be the final solution, while learning from others how they do it. Why re-invent the wheel, right?
Matt Moore gets another mention for how he manages the podcasts he produces and distributes them in multiple parts of the same long episode. Nifty!
– Fun, fun, fun! The power of Show Notes! It isn’t your typical TOC, eh?
– Want to engage with us on the conversations? Get involved, drop a comment, whether it is text or audio! We’ll grab it from there and bring it on!
– At the end of the day… a podcast is still a podcast! Regardless what people may say!
– Oh la la, as a result of this episode http://sweettt.com has gone through a major re-design. SWEETTT!!!

Hope you enjoy this episode, just as much as we did recording it! And stay tuned, because there are plenty more to come!

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The Sweettt ELSUA Show – Episode 2 – On Finding an Identity

If you have been following this blog in the last few days, you would remember how not long ago, both Matt Simpson, from Sweetttt.com, and myself, launched a podcasting series together called The Sweettt Show where we dived into some really good and fun discussions. After that first episode Matt went on vacation to a place I could very much call paradise and he just got back! Which means, we are both back into the game and have ventured into recording our second episode of The now Sweettt ELSUA Show: On Finding an Identity.

Yes, that’s right! In this, our second episode, we actually discuss, pretty much like in every beginning, plenty of stuff with regards to the identity of the podcast, its own branding and where we would both want to take things with it. Rather some interesting discussion that folks new to podcasting may find rather revealing on the trials and tribulations from getting things going at the initial stages.

This time around the episode is a lot shorter than the introductory one, lasting for a little bit over 20 minutes and I can guarantee you that if after listening to that episode you haven’t laughed your b**t off, you won’t ever! We had a very unexpected guest who decided to become the star of the show. Towards the end of it, actually.

Just like in the first episode, I thought I would go ahead as well and share with you over here the different annotations that both Matt and myself put together while listening to the episode and describe the train of thoughts that went through our minds all along:

"00:30 Welcome & Introduction – “The Age of Conversation”

01:50 Silly Baboons – Matt sends Luis a photo of the two of them with a caption “Silly Baboons” Who said that podcasting is not fun?

02:30 We’ve not far from the apes

03:10 Great Photos – Chris Brogan getting a mention for his incredibly good photography skills, amongst many other things! heh

04:00 Our Name & Brand – What should be our name? Should we include Elsua in the brand? Finding an identity for The Sweettt ELSUA podcast? Excuse me? (hey! “Sweettt Elsua” hmmmm) Branding? Podcasting? Is there such a thing? Excuse me?

Surprise, surprise!?! We can’t comment on that one yet! (But stay tuned!)

04:45 A future Elsua Podcast, in the making… ELSUA going solo podcasting! YAY!!! About time, too!

05:00 Interviews & Conversations in the Enterprise 2.0 podcast space – On the importance of Enterprise 2.0 interviews… We can’t get enough of them? Fancy being one of our guests?!? Let us know!

Sebastian Thomschke getting a mention, too!

06:50 Getting ready to bring more discussants on board

07:00 Mark Masterson – is interested in joining the discussion (actually, Matt broached this with Mark back in Boston)

07:00 Jon Mell – is interested in joining the discusion

08:00 Mention of Dogear Nation and their dynamic fast-paced style of conversations. Wooohooo! Dogear-Nation getting another mention! (We highly recommend subscribing to that podcasting series, if you haven’’ done so already!)

10:00 In depth discussion is the goal, just like a decent long chat over coffee. Entering the Age of Conversation and on the power of coffee! What’s the right length of time in a podcast? The one who figures it out gets the big prize!

12:13 Tertulia – Luis teaches Matt a new word. And then “Tertulia 2.0″ was born!

12:50 A loud SLAP is heard

13:15 An intellectual gathering… Babbelfish translates “tertulia” into ‘Social Gathering’… It’s like a Salon. Now really getting into the “Social Gathering” thing. Boy, did we have some good fun or what?

14:11 What is a Salon?

14:30 Tertulia definitely has a strong intellectual component, highly social, intense discussion, very intellectually stimulating

15:30 A cocktail party among the cogniscenti. This is a Salon. Tom Short, former IBMer and good friend of ours, gets a mention when talking about the concept of “Salons”. Yes, we are still in search of that identity for the podcast!

16:50 The kind of discussion that Mark Twain would be found within. Oh, oh, we are now about to get in trouble. Mark Twain coming up on the show, too!

17:40 Agreement, disagreement… Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Maybe we just nailed the identity of The Sweettt ELSUA Show: Tertulia 2.0!

18:20 Luis attacks a poor defenseless creature.

18:40 And THAT’s how you share knowledge!! BAP!!!

19:15 Finish"

Oh, and if that is not enough, we have put together as well something that we know is getting more and more popular by the day and which we both love dearly: a Wordle (Thanks much, Jonathan! Remind us to invite you for drinks whenever we would meet up face to face, please!). Yes, that is right, if you are more into the visual side of things, that same set of annotations will transform into this:

Thus, without much further ado, here is the link where you can play the file directly, or, alternatively, you can download the .mp3 audio file from here: The Sweettt ELSUA Show – Episode 2 – On Finding an Identity.

We hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as we did recording it, and, I tell you, like I said above, if this episode does not make you laugh, nothing will! 🙂 … (Wait till the end!)

Have a good one everyone!

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Sweettt – We’re Going Enterprise 2.0

If yesterday I referenced a podcasting episode I participated in with the Dogear-Nation folks, Michael Rowe & Michael Martine, you would remember how I mentioned as well I had another little surprise for you folks that I would be talking about today. And here I am, with that same spirit of keeping this blog post short, I am very very happy to announce that from now onwards I will be one of the co-hosts from the Sweettt weekly podcasting series with one fellow IBM colleagues and very good friend, Matt Simpson.

Yes, that’s right, from now onwards and, on a weekly basis, I will be the co-host, along with Matt, of The Sweettt Show and over the course of about 30 minutes we will talk about various different subjects, in most cases having to do with Enterprise 2.0, Social Computing, Web 2.0, Social Software, Knowledge Sharing, Personal Knowledge Sharing, Communities, Collaboration. Indeed, the usual stuff both Matt & myself have been blogging about all along…

To get things going, and without much further ado, last Friday we sat down and got busy recording the first episode of the podcasting series, which, as you will notice, is a rather long one, a bit over 86 minutes!, but it gave us the perfect opportunity to detail what would be some of the main topics we will be discussing and touching base on in in much shorter future episodes as we move along.

However, to give you a sense of what you will be able to find on this first episode I have put together the following TOC with some additional commentary that I am hoping will certainly spark your interest to listen to it and, why not?, perhaps come back or subscribe to the entire podcasting series. You are more than welcome to leave your comments over here or in at The Sweettt Show and rest assured that we will be covering them in future episodes, so if you have got any questions or items you would want to bring up to our attention, go ahead and share it with us! Oh, and before you ask, we are both in Twitter as well, in case you may want to leave a comment or question that way as well. Here are our IDs: elsua (Yours truly) and Matt Simpson.

Thus, here is the TOC you will find on our first episode of The Sweettt Show:

– Introduction of the podcast, Matt & yours truly as co-host of the weekly show and how we got to know each other back in 2001!
– Communities & history of IBM Communities with CommunityBuilders & Babble.
– Openness in communities to let them flow freely wherever they may want to go…
CommunityMapIndex of IBM Communities behind the firewall.
– Communities and the role of collaboration, knowledge sharing and social software tools as enablers.
– Of course, giving up on e-mail & what’s meant for me over the course of the last six months!
– Attending conference events and how face to face interactions are the purest form of social networking at its best.
– Glimpse of the networking activities while attending Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. Both Matt and myself were there (Yes, I know, my highlights are still coming up! Not to worry. I haven’t forgotten! heh)
Mark Masterson, Rosario Sica, Emanuele Quintarelli all get a mention 🙂
– Origins of Knowledge Management, back in the days of the (in)famous pyramid of tools, processes & people, as well as the umbrella concept of something called KM.
– Knowledge Management vs. Enterprise 2.0: Are they one and/or the same?
– Personal Knowledge Sharing vs. Knowledge Management.
– On the ease of use of knowledge sharing as the way it should be. Natural. Flowing.
– Simplicity rules when collaborating and sharing your knowledge with others. On lowering the barriers of entry & engagement.
– Of course, once again, giving up on e-mail in favour of other 2.0 interactions in an open, public and transparent Enterprise 2.0 world.
– On Social Software Evangelism at a large corporation like IBM and describing what it is like (i.e. I am co-leading a community of over 400 evangelists inside IBM helping accelerate IBM’s adoption of social software – BlueIQ Ambassadors, as part of BlueIQ).
– On passion & finding the dream job …
– Communities as major catalysts of social software adoption within the corporate world.
– Still think that social networking is all about goofing around? You may need to think again!
– Having fun at work? … What’s that?
– What kind of role should trust have in the corporate world with the emergence of Enterprise 2.0?
– Accelerating the adoption of Social Software inside IBM through a community effort. Getting things started with recommendations on SmallBlue, a.k.a. Atlas (Who would have thought about that, right?)

Phew! I know! Pretty intensive 86 minutes! But we surely had fun and we hope that you would, too, at least, just as much as we did recording our first episode together! You would be able to listen to the podcast live over at New Cohost . We’re Going Enterprise 2.0 or, if you would prefer, you could download the podcast right away from this direct link.

Hope you enjoy it & till next time!

(Oh oh, and not to worry, there is still one other surprise I have got reserved for you folks, actually two of them, but those may still take a few days before I can talk about them over here as I am still finalising them 😉 Stay tuned though for more info details coming up!)

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Dogear-Nation – Episode 61 – Adding e-mail to Luis’ Inbox

Today’s blog post is actually going to be a short one. Finally! I do realise that over the last couple of weeks most of the blogging I have been able to do has been rather extensive and turning on to the long side of things. I guess that’s what happens when you keep writing and you get more and more excited as you move from paragraph to paragraph talking about the subject that has been keeping you busy for a little while, in this case, to me, my giving up on e-mail quest, amongst several other things…

Well, today I am going to make an extra effort and, although I am still incredibly excited, I am going to try to keep things on the short side. More than anything else because of the subject I would want to touch base on. You will see exactly what I mean in a matter of seconds. So let’s get things started!

If I would have to define with a single word the last couple of days from last week, I guess I could summarise it all with this one: podcasting! Yes, that is right! Over the last few months and, ever since I got things started with this new reality of mine of having given up on e-mail, corporate e-mail, that is, I have been getting plenty of comments from different folks in various multiple online spaces (As well as in real life!) wondering whether I would be chiming in to the world of podcasting / vodcasting to continue sharing some further insights on the subject by sharing some more from the various experiences I have been going through all along.

And time and time again, I knew I always wanted to do something else extra, but felt as well I just needed to wait for the right time. Well, that right time was last week Friday, when I got invited as a special guest by the two Michaels behind the super fine, enjoyable & enlightening, some times thought-provoking, some times educational, Dogear-Nation podcast (Michael Rowe and Michael Martine, respectively) to participate on the recording of episode #61 of their weekly show. And, boy, I just couldn’t turn down such a kind offer. So over the course of a bit over an hour, and in between of some initial audio problems, we went ahead and had a superb time recording one of those podcasting episodes that would be difficult to forget for a while!

Check out "Dogear-Nation – Episode 61 – Adding e-mail to Luis’ Inbox", where over the course of roughly a bit over 30 minutes we got to talk about a whole bunch of different subjects that people had tagged for the day in del.icio.us. Here is a quick synopsis of some of the links of what we talked about so that you get some further insights of what to expect, if you go ahead and decide to have a listen:

"Social Computing
I freed myself from e-Mail’s grip – Luis Suarez  (Yes, of course, I got to talk a little bit about my experiment & what it has been like over the last few months… Six months in concrete!)
Ma.gnolia.com – Social Tagging
Thomas Vanderwal — Why Ma.gnolia is One of My Favorite Social Bookmarking Tools
University of Michigan Social Computing Degree
A New Approach to Exec Recruiting

Tablet Computing
We Want a Dead Simple Web Tablet
CherryPal PC Cherry Pal PC has Juice

Nova Science Now
She blinded me with Science and Live
IBM Slides from 1975 presentation – Powerpoint Old school

Final Thoughts
Michael R — Automagically updating Apps on iPhone
“Michael” S. — Bolder and Keep it Simple
Michael M. — Dogear-Live on Kyte.tv"

You may want to listen to the episode online over at the Dogear-Nation blog, or, alternatively, you can also download the .mp3 directly from this link. Hope you will enjoy it, just as much as we did recording the podcast. It surely was plenty of good fun & something tells me it may not be the last time that I will be participating as a guest. They have been wonderful hosts all along! 😉 heh

Oh, oh, and not to worry, that’s not the only surprise I have got ready for you folks around the area of podcasting… Stay tuned for some more to come shortly!

(A big and special Many many thanks!  to both Michaels for having me on the show! It was a fantastic experience! Thanks, guys! Till next time!)

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Giving up on Work e-mail Podcast with Matt Moore et al

If a couple of days ago I created a blog post over here where I shared some further details on a recent podcasting episode I recorded with Jon Mell, from Trovus, over at Case Study Using Wiki and Social Software in the Enterprise – Conversation with Jon Mell, I thought I would follow that up with another podcast I was invited to chime in earlier on in the week with Matt Moore, from Engineers without Fears, where I shared some extended commentary on my experiment of giving up on e-mail, i.e. work related e-mail. And the interesting thing from this particular podcast I participated in was the fact that we did it with a couple more guests: Patrick Lambe, from Straights Knowledge & Green Chameleon, and Alex Manchester, from Melcrum – Connecting Communicators, two of the folks I have been following up on the Knowledge Management & Social Computing spaces for quite a while and whom I was really looking forward to exchanging some ideas on the topic!

Thus with that initial setup, off we went into what turned out to be, in my opinion and if I may say so, a fascinating discussion on the overall topic of stop using e-mail at work and use, perhaps, other much more productive and collaborative tools, within the social software space. So interesting that in the end what was supposed to be a single podcasting episode turned out to be three (Yes, three!) for a total amount of nearly 50 minutes!

Matt Moore himself has already blogged about each of the different episodes, so instead of just me detailing what you will find in each of them I am just going to keep things short and share over here the table of contents that Matt already put together. That way you can get busy right where the meat is and enjoy one of the best conversations I have had on this topic in a little while now. Here are the links with the contents then:

Download Part 1 now (16:48, 4.0Mb)

01:00 – Luis describes his email detox moment in 2007.
03:10 – Luis challenges his email correspondents within IBM.
06:10 – How do you bring people round to the post-email world?
11:00 – Where is email appropriate?
13:00 – Instant messaging & social networking.

Download Part 2 now (20:23, 4.8 Mb)

00:00 – Patrick raises the infrastructure question.
03:00 – Luis brings up wikis.
04:10 – Luis talks about discussing the detox with his team.
07:55 – The laziness issue.
09:00 – Do we love email?
10:00 – Alex mentions email overload.
11:00 – Generational issues.
13:00 – Patrick raises the politics question.
15:00 – Luis busts the whole thing wide open.

Download the final part of the email detox podcast

00:00 – Alex agrees with Luis on email politics.
01:20 – Humans as political animals – in public or in private?
03:00 – Should we be selling tools or solutions?
06:00 – Applying social software to business problems.
08:00 – The email detox workout video.
10: 00 – Wrap up & next steps.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoy it, just as much as we did getting together and exchanging some ideas on how it is really possible to move away from work related e-mail and still be as productive as ever, if not more, making extensive use of other more collaborative tools, like social software tools. The perfect segway for my next blog post where I will be sharing the weekly progress report on what’s happened this week. Stay tuned! 😉

Matt, Patrick and Alex, a real pleasure taking part on the podcasting episodes with you guys and thanks much for such refreshing conversation! Excellent stuff!

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