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State of the Internet 2010 – What Is Social Media?

I love it when after having had a rather difficult week at work for multiple various reasons last week, where a total amount of 30 hours of meetings and conference calls made it even worse, you finally catch up with your breath, raise your social periscope up again (After a[…]

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Vanity Killed the Social Media Star

Over the course of last few months a few folks have asked me about why I am not so active anymore in different social tools from the so-called Social Web, as well as why I stopped advocating and pontificating about their huge potential to transform the way we connect, collaborate, share[…]

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Social Media and The Purpose to Serve

If I were to highlight one of my favourite and preferred traits from the world of Social / Open Business and the single one that perhaps makes it all worth while the effort and energy spent on already, it would be that one from a concept that’s been out there for[…]

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Reflections from 2011 on The World of Social Media

While everyone else out there on the Internet Blogosphere gets busy blogging away their predictions for 2012 around the world of Social (And whatever other word you would want to insert right after!), Technology, the Internet and whatever else you can think of, like it seems to be happening in[…]

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Social Media at Work

Last week, upon my return from my last business trip, I was hoping to be able to resume my regular blogging activities and share with you folks some of the interesting conversations I have been engaging with and other interesting resources worth while sharing across. Alas, my local Internet Service[…]

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Social Media Revolution 2011

What an amazing and exhilarating week altogether! I am now back from the Social Business Forum conference event in Milan (Check #sbf11 for some amazing live tweeting), that took place on June 8th, and my head is about to explode with plenty of new ideas, new experiences, and lots of great[…]

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