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Once Upon a Time … the Power of Storytelling for Business

Over at StrategyFocusedHR, Ron Thomas put together, just recently, a rather interesting and intriguing blog post, under the suggestive heading “Once Upon a Time: Remember When We Could Tell a Story Without Slides?“, that I can certainly recommend everyone reading through it, specially, if you are a public speaker, and,[…]

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Silence of Love and the Power of Storytelling

There are plenty of various different reasons as to why, for the last few years, I have been really excited about the emergence of social software tools within the corporate environment and beyond, but there is one in particular that keeps getting my attention, time and time again, as it[…]

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Ira Glass on Storytelling and Creative Work

One of the reasons why I really, really, like the Social Web is because, every so often, you get to bump into those little gems that most folks don’t notice, but that when going through them you pretty much feel they are so special that you just can’t help but re-sharing[…]

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Storytelling, not Journalism, Spurs Most Weblogs

Through a colleague of mine, who actually weblogged about this particular piece of news over at his Intranet weblog, I bumped into this specific news article that I thought would be worth while mentioning over here: Storytelling, not Journalism, Spurs More Blogs. In the past you would remember how I[…]

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