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Second Life in 3600 Seconds – A Great Overview to the Metaverse World

Tags: Twitter, Chronicles, Second Life, Virtual Worlds, Metaverse, Social Computing, Knowledge Management, KM, Learning, eLearning, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, Communities, Slideshare, eFoundations, Machinima, Virtual Collaboration, Online Collaboration, Remote Collaboration Ha! And then they say that twittering hasn’t got any value add to knowledge workers. That is funny! Earlier on today one[…]

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Life in a Connected Day

Following up further with that series of blog posts I started a couple of weeks ago, where I would begin another week at work with an inspiring video clip or a story to share across (Remember The Mountain?), I thought I would get things going this time around not with[…]

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The Second Coming of Blogging

At a time where a good number of folks have been validly questioning the future of blogging as we know it, and perhaps venture into what that future may hold for such an important aspect of social computing as the Act of Blogging itself, both Internet and Corporate Blogging, or[…]

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What Did You Get for Christmas? I Got an Avatar from Far Far Away!

While James Dellow, over at ChiefTech has put together a really nice and well thought out blog post under The Potential for Enterprise Metaverses where he is actually exploring further the role of virtual worlds (i.e. Second Life) to enhance the overall business collaboration and eLearning experiences in the corporate[…]

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