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Global InnovationJam Is Now Over!

After 76 hours of uninterrupted and frenetic activity. After 53.000 participants (IBMers and their family members and IBM’s customers and business partners) got together to share over 37.000 posts spread around four different Forums and after nearly 3 million web pages viewed and about 67 participating companies in addition to[…]

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Welcome to InnovationJam!

Well, after fully recovering from the user generated error from last week, here I am again, back in full force, ready to share some thoughts about some of the things that are going on in my mind at the moment. I must say that I mentioned earlier on that I[…]

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Lotus Knows IdeaJam Still Under Way!

As you may have noticed already, the last few hours I have been relatively quiet over here in my blog and it is not that I have gone missing again with another business trip. No, not yet. Things have been rather busy at work, just like every other day, but[…]

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The Social Media Experiment Is Over by Adam Christensen

And it looks like I will keep flooding you folks this week (Perhaps just this one more time!) with interesting presentations I have bumped into, or that other people have forwarded to me as they come right along my areas of interest and focus, specially in the area of Social[…]

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