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#e2conf Highlights – Online Community Building Methodologies, SNA, Task Centric Computing, Gamification, Social Learning, Social Fatigue…

Gran Canaria - Roque Nublo and The Monk in the SpringYou may remember how on the last blog post that I put together over here a few days back, I mentioned how I was on my way to participate and attend the Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston and how, depending on the connectivity I may have had during the course of the week, there would be a good chance, or not, for me to share plenty of the highlights we experienced throughout four rather intense days, all thanks to one of my favourite online activities as of late, while attending face to face events: live tweeting. Well, the event is now over, the connectivity was good, the excitement is all intact, I am back into my regular blogging schedule for a while (Since summer just hit over here and there seems to be a bit of a conference break going on till, at least, September) and there isn’t any extended business trip in the horizon for the next couple of months, so I’m getting down to business, once again, and I’m truly delighted to be sharing with you some of the major, key learnings I went through while attending Enterprise 2.0 this year. Ready? Yes, I know, me, too! Let’s do it!

I have already got a couple of draft blog posts that I will be sharing over here over the course of the next few days on what I learned from the event itself, but before we dive into those and I begin my journey with all of you into detailing what the event of events around Enterprise 2.0 was like for this year, I would love to point you to some outstanding live blogging that took place throughout the week from a couple of my good friends who, once again, kept raising up the level of true, gifted writing skills you need to have in order to share with that level of detail around face to face conference events. If not, judge for yourselves. 

Check out the absolutely delightful blog posts that both Mary Abraham and Bill Ives shared across during the entire week on what they learned from the various different keynote and breakout sessions, along with the pre-conference workshop they attended. If you were there physically you would truly enjoy going through the various articles to get an incredibly good refresher of what was discussed and shared openly, and if you weren’t attending, going and reading through each and everyone of those entries would be just as good as having attended the sessions live! Yes, I know, I’m not exaggerating, they are that good! We are truly privileged to have folks like Mary and Bill willing to put into writing all of that insight, passion, know-how, experiences, expertise, etc. etc. around Social Business that permeated throughout the entire event. So I cannot strongly encourage you all enough to go through and read from their blog posts to get a good glimpse of what the event was like. Just brilliant!

From my own perspective, and like I mentioned on the last article I shared over here, I decided a few months back to follow a different approach and instead of keeping up with live blogging, or sharing rather lengthy blog posts with the highlights, like I used to do, I’m going to invest rather heavily on something much more immediate and far reaching in the short term – while things happening in real-time, that is, where the conversations are happening,- and share that stuff across. Of course, I am talking about Twitter and doing plenty of live tweeting on the sides while attending those sessions. Specially, now that I have found a really cool method to curate all of those live tweets without going crazy in the process. With Snap Bird

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t be putting together more blog posts highlighting some of the key takeaways I brought with me from the Enterprise 2.0 event; like I said, I already have got a couple of entries I would be sharing across over here in the next few days. However, what I will be doing is hoping to augment the overall experience for those folks who may not have attended, or those who had a chance to, but would want to revive what it was like, and share across those curated live tweets as a .PDF file that you can download, or watch online through Slideshare. 

Well, just like I have started doing for a good number of conference events that I have participated in this year so far, I’m now ready to go ahead and share across with you the live tweeting I did of the #e2conf event, since I have just uploaded the .PDF file into Slideshare and it is ready to go. Here’s the embedded code, if you would want to dive into it right away: 

You will notice though how, at times, there were some time lapses where I didn’t do much live tweeting at all, and I must apologise for that, since it wasn’t due to the lack of connectivity while at the event itself, which was brilliant throughout the whole four days, except perhaps for Thursday morning when it became a bit patchy. Anyway, it was all due to the continuous silly limitations that Twitter keeps imposing over itself when limiting the amount of tweets you can share into your timeline over the course of one hour. I seem to have surpassed those limits a few times and there is nothing else to do than wait for it to cool off and come back for more. Very frustrating altogether, I can tell you, specially, when you are live tweeting a rather hot session you would want to spread the message around all over the place and you just realise you are blocked and can’t do much else other than … wait!

Lucky enough, while Twitter is trying to get their act together, if ever, since that issue has been there all along, right from the start!, I was reminded how I needed to look back into something that I did nearly three years ago and quite consistently: have a dedicated Twitter ID handle just for live tweeting of face to face conference events. Indeed, for those who still remember, I will be bringing up @elsuacon to life again from here onwards for the various different face to face conference events that I will be participating in after the summer break. That way, those quiet time lapses would be reduced down to a minimum and help provide a bit more of a complete picture of what the keynotes and breakout sessions would be like. Feel free to follow that Twitter ID at your own risk of suffering from quite a bit of that live twitterrhea 😉

For now though, that would be it. While I ramp up the various different blog posts on the major key takeaways from this year’s Enterprise 2.0 event (Around subjects like Facilitating Effectively Online Communities, Community Building Methodologies, Social Network Analysis, Task Centric Computing, Gamification, Informal / Social Learning, Social Fatigue, etc. etc.) I am going to leave you all with the live tweets as a teaser of what’s to come… Hope you enjoyed them just as much as I did sharing those  annotations across and surely look forward to the next one. Although for now, I am certainly looking forward to that extended summer break from the conference scene, hoping to get back into my usual regular blogging schedule. Thanks for sticking around so far! And stay tuned! There is plenty more to come!

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  1. This is a bit of an aside but aren’t you using the word “curated” rather loosely with respect to Snap Bird. I clicked over and it seems to be just an extended Twitter search. Am I missing something, where is the curation?

    Thanks, Walter @adamson

    1. Hi Walter, thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, indeed, I may be using “curated” perhaps a bit too loosely. I meant it from the perspective that without Snap Bird all of those tweets would have disappeared from every single search engine after a week or something, because Twitter won’t allow you to search for them after that time. So “curated” from the perspective that I can recover them again at my leisure and point to them as I may see fit. Along with realising that those live tweets are annotations made by myself on what I thought was interesting from the sessions I attended. Not an entire exact account of what happened. So, if you think of it, that curation took place when I wrote them live, since I just basically focused on what mattered to me as interesting insights from the speakers and conversations I had.

      And the fact that Snap Bird allows me now to capture that history and share it across with other folks who may be interested adds up into it as well. I guess you were expecting a curation exercise of 60 or 70 tweets with the best of those, and that’s exactly what I will be doing later, triggering those other blog posts coming up shortly as highlights.

      Hope that helps clarify it… Thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback!

        1. You are welcome! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback. Thinking that perhaps, at a later time, once I am done with the highlights blog posts, I may go ahead and select what I feel would be the most insightful tweets from the bunch of them I shared across. Should be a fun exercise 🙂

          Thanks again for the comments! Appreciated

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