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X Seminario Compartim – Las Organizaciones en la Epoca de la Participacion y las Redes Sociales por Luis Suarez

Gran Canaria - In the SpringFor a good few months plenty of people have been contacting me, mostly offline, asking whether I participate in Spanish speaking conference events where they could hear some of the very same stories I have been sharing over here in this blog for a long while now on the topics of KM, Social Computing, Collaboration, Communities & Learning. Specially, when related to how IBM has been going through a massive transformation with its wider adoption of social software, both inside and outside of the firewall. Up until now, my answers were rather limited, since most of those events were of a rather private nature, mostly customer workshops. Well, not anymore!

Indeed, over the last few weeks, couple of months, actually, I have had the great opportunity to participate in a number of Spanish speaking events where I have been presenting on these very same topics and at the same time I’m now in a position to share with you folks both the presentation materials, as well as the recordings of the pitches I have done. So people out there may now have a chance to listen to plenty of the stuff I have talked about over here for the last few years, including living "A World Without Email", and make some sense of it, if Spanish is their preferred language.

So, over the next few days I will start sharing some of those presentation links, as well as the recordings themselves, and that way folks would have an opportunity to get a taster of the kind of work I do, but in my mother tongue: Spanish hehe. Yes, it’s going to be lots of fun; here I am putting together this blog post in English that will talk about a recent presentation I did in Spanish on the topic of "Social Networking for Business"; English being the default language from this blog from the very beginning. Perhaps one day I will create another entry explaining why…

Either way, the links and the recordings, I guess, would also be helpful for those folks who may want to polish their Spanish skills, as well as get a grasp of the kind of flow I usually go through when tackling these topics. To get things going I’m going to start with the most recent event I presented at and which took place last week, while I was in Barcelona, Spain.

A couple of months back I was invited by my good friend Jesús Martínez Marín (From the Centre d’Estudis Jurídics i Formació Especialitzada del Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya) to go to Barcelona and speak at the X Seminario Compartim about the topic of "Las Organizaciones en la Epoca de la Participacion y las Redes Sociales" ("Organisations in the Age of Participation and Social Networks"), where I could spend a few minutes talking about the kind of impact that social computing and social software tools have been having in such a large organisation as IBM, specially in helping change rather quickly how we share our knowledge across and collaborate in order to help accelerate not only how we innovate, but also how we have been capable of augmenting our own day to day productivity levels.

At the same time, he invited me to share what some of my experiences have been like, over the last three and a half years, with regards to living "A World Without Email". What I have learned, what it has meant for me as an individual, as well as the organisation itself, what it has been like shifting conversations away from email into social open spaces, in short, to share some thoughts on whether it’s worth it, or not, giving up on corporate email.

Of course, as you can imagine, I couldn’t say "No!" to such kind offer, don’t you think? So I accepted and last week, on June 29th, I participated on a rather interesting, and thought provoking, morning event, along with a few other folks. You would be able to check out some of the various presentations used over at the following Slideshare URL address; and if you would want to check out some of the recordings, you would be able to find them all over at the DepartmentJusticia YouTube channel, which I can certainly recommend going through, if you haven’t done so just yet.

Lots of great content shared across by folks like Francesca Cañas (With a wonderful case study on EndoBlocLleida ), Joan Torrent-Sellens (Talking about Organisations in the New Knowledge Economy), Sandra Sanz (I particularly enjoyed her presentation on "Elements to Cultivate Communities of Practice") and, finally, David Rodríguez Gómez (With another rather insightful presentation on Factors that Influence the Creation and Management of Knowledge).

The presentation I did can also be found in Slideshare at the following URL link, which I will be embedding over here as well, so, if you are interested, you can start playing it as you may see fit:

And if you are interested as well in listening to my pitch for this time around, in Spanish, of course, as mentioned above, here you have got the direct link to it and here is the embedded version:

The YouTube video clip lasts for a bit over 1 hour and 20 minutes, and my presentation starts around the 3rd minute or so. And from there onwards, you would be able to see what I have meant with "Social Networking for Business", as well as living "A World Without Email" all along…

Finally, if you would want to do some additional reading about the outcome of the presentation and several of its highlights I would recommend you take a look into the following wonderful blog posts put together by Marta Estella under "De com un dinosaure a la xarxa es converteix en pardal", Miquel Duran under "Compartim: organitzacions, participació i xarxes" (who included as well some of the live tweeting that went on during the presentations…) and Núria Vives Leal under "X Seminari Compartim" (All articles in Catalan), amongst several others … and which have been rather faithful in capturing some of the major highlights from the entire event. Thanks much, folks, for such wonderful blog posts! 🙂

(From here onwards, just wanted to take this opportunity to share a special thanks! with Jesús Martínez for his kind invitation to participate in such a fantastic event and for helping me feel at home in one of my favourite cities! Many many thanks, Jesús, for all your help and for your support! It’s very much appreciated! And hope to see you soon again!)

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