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Welcome to the World of Socialnomics – Part Deux!

Gran Canaria - Puerto de Mogan in the SpringBack in August last year, if you have been reading this blog for that long, you would remember how, once again, I couldn’t resist the temptation to put together a short blog post on another one of those video clips around the Did You Know? theme that keep coming back time and time again. I don’t why, but I just love to reference those short video clips that try to prove, quite consistently, and very successfully, too, in my opinion, the real business value, and huge impact, that social computing, and social networks, are having not just within the corporate world, but also in our society, in general. Do you remember Social Media Revolution? Well, it’s back! But better! Way better! Get ready for Social Media Revolution v 2.0!

Once again, the smart and talented folks over at Socialnomics (i.e. Erik Qualman, amongst others…) have put together Part Deux of the original Social Media Revolution YouTube video clip, where they have packed a rather fascinating, mind-blowing and truly inspiring update that lasts for nearly four and a half minutes and which will take your breath away in like no time! Yes, I know, and I do realise, it is that good! And if you don’t believe me, judge for yourselves with the embedded version over here:

There are very few things that I would need to comment further on that may not be clear enough from watching through the video clip itself; it’s self-explanatory, I would say, don’t you think? So I’ll probably stop here for now, and perhaps do like Erik himself did, when he announced on this blog post the update to this video clip, which is basically pointing you folks to a Slideshare presentation that has been making the rounds for a while now (It’s over two years old!) and which will help you put things into perspective from where we were back in 2008 and where we are nowadays…

Fascinating journey, to say the least, if you first take a look into Marta Kagan‘s equally thought-provoking What The F**K is Social Media? and then you watch Part Deux from Social Media Revolution. WOW!! Indeed, what an exhilarating journey! And we are just getting started, folks! I am not sure what you would think, but these two resources that I wanted to reference over here today are surely going to become rather helpful for most of us, social computing evangelists, to reuse and reshare, with due credit, of course!, with all of those skeptics that may not have bought just yet into the idea of social networking, or those other people who are just getting started and wouldn’t know where to begin. Well, these two pretty amazing references would probably do for now… Don’t you think so?

Here is Marta Kagan’s embedded presentation, so you can start flipping through the charts right away and without delay to then move into the Socialnomics video clip

Hope you enjoyed watching them, just as much as I did! What a blast! Just brilliant! (Thanks ever so much to both Marta and Erik for making our lives just a bit easier… hehe)

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