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Twitter Study – On the Power of Your Network

Tenerife - Mount TeideIn a recent blog post, if you would remember, I mentioned how, at the moment, I am enjoying a love / hate relationship (More the latter, to be honest…) with what, to date, has been one of my favourite social networking tools available out there, outside of the firewall. Yes, of course, why not? Once again, I am talking about Twitter.

In that article I mentioned how I was going through the stage where its behaviour was more erratic than anything else, forcing me to miss entire conversations with updates coming through on my timeline over a good bunch of minutes. The discussions with Twitter Support have been making progress and feel we are almost there, since the timeline updates have gone down from every 50 minutes to round about 8 to 10 minutes. However, not quite there just yet…

I’m probably not any longer on that stage where I was just on the brink of giving up on it altogether and move on to something else though. Somehow, like it has happened in the past already a few times (And for whatever the reason), the network / community of people I follow there keep dragging me back into it. Regardless of what I would do or say. And I eventually stick around once again…

Yes, it has happened again! This time around coming from a good friend, and fellow IBM colleague, Steve Street, who earlier on today pointed me to a recent study that has been conducted by the fine folks behind faberNovel and L’Atelier around the topic of Twitter, that is, micro-blogging / micro-sharing, and the kind of impact it’s having on every single field, industry or aspect of who we are on the Web. Including our (Virtual / Physical) relationships, of course.

Check out "Twitter Study by faberNovel & l’Atelier" over in Slideshare and prepare yourself to go through over 50 great slides with some very powerful messages on why Twitter is worth it. There are plenty of slides I could mention over here that would be really worthwhile reading in plenty more detail, but then again that won’t make, probably, justice to the rest of the presentation and I can certainly assure you it’s one of those decks that once you show it to any Twitter-like skeptic you won’t have to convince them any longer. They will be sold by the time they hit the last slide …

That’s how relevant, straight to the point, insightful and witty this Twitter study is. And funny enough, again my own network playing a big role in here, now I realise that was one of the reasons why on that article I referenced above I mentioned how I didn’t want to abandon Twitter itself. Back then I didn’t know it. It was all sitting inside my subconscious self based on the network of folks I keep following over the last few months. Yes, this great Twitter study has turned those subconscious thoughts into concrete ideas I will be referencing over and over again, whenever someone asks me why I’m still using Twitter on a regular basis.

I try to give up on it a few times, as I am sure you may recall already, but, like I said before, it’s got something that keeps me coming back; that drags me without remedy clearly reminding me enough of that non-sense of wanting to give up on it altogether, hang in there for a little while longer while the issues get fixed and then back to business once again! Like usual, like it’s been over the last two years already … and counting …

So, enough of it all. I will stick around. I will hang around for a little while longer, while these issues get ironed out and in the mean time I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to have a look into the embedded version of the deck below and watch through it till the end… Then you will understand plenty more why I may be eating my words from that blog entry I shared a few days back… Isn’t that good fun?!?! 😀 hehe

A big and special thanks! to Steve for passing it along and for sharing it through Twitter! Next time I bump into him face to face I’ll have to buy him a drink or two … And with pleasure, don’t you think? Sometimes you need other people to come across and help you open your eyes about what you may be missing, because in some cases it’s just so obvious that you will miss out! Just like that! And you wouldn’t right? Are you on Twitter yet?

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