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The Real Business Value of Social Networking

Gran Canaria - Roque NubloAfter the amazing reactions from yesterday’s blog post on Defining Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0 (Still catching up with some of the wonderful commentary, by the way, which I will certainly get back to shortly to keep adding further on to the various conversations) I thought I would put together a much shorter blog post where I will point out to you one of those follow up articles that I have found rather inspiring and incredibly accurate on how I myself perceive the power of social networking within the corporate environment, to say the least.

And very much along the lines of what I talked about yesterday, since it was put together as a reaction to that article I posted earlier on. The entry I would want to encourage you all to take a look at and read is one by Kevin Jones titled "I Finally Get It – Why Social Networking Is So Important". It’s one of those good reads that after going through it you won’t be the same person any longer. It’s all about a big ah-ha! moment that every now and then we all get to experience and get through, but that time and time again (Not sure why!) we keep hiding for ourselves. Well, Kevin didn’t and that’s why we can read, and enjoy!, what his ah-ha! moment was that inspired that post.

In fact, I’m going to say very little about it. And just include over here, as a teaser, one of the many little precious gems you will find in that article, so you can go ahead and read further on:

"Why Social Networking? To tell stories. To make sense of the information we share. To put it in context. THAT is the value of Social Networking. So many people dismiss the need to network in this way, yet again we see how critical it really is!"

Some pretty amazing stuff, I tell you! So much so, that while reading through it I just couldn’t help thinking about this short appearance from, the one and only, the always insightful Seth Godin, who, once again (Remember last time I talked about him on "The Second Coming of Blogging?"), nails it, as far as I can tell, on what the real challenge is for social networking to flourish in the enterprise world. Yes, it has got nothing to do with the well known Web 2.0 from the consumer space. Actually, quite the opposite.

In over the course of a little bit over two minutes, he gets to share some really good insights on what the real business value of social networking is all about. And guess what? He doesn’t do it through a definition, nor through stating hard facts none of us can (nor will!) relate to! Ever. Instead, he shares it through stories. Stories we can all relate to. Specially the main one on "going out of your way for your people, for your networks". But I guess, I better leave it to Seth himself to tell his story. He will do, for sure, a much better job than myself…

Oh, and if you didn’t have enough with those two precious minutes, here is another blog post that this whole conversation on finding the true business value of social networking really thrives on and, which, even though it was shared a little while ago, I still think it will have such an important relevance for the next few years, that it’s just mind-blowing… Yes, it is that good!

I am not going to explain much more about it. Instead, I would want encourage you to read through, pause for a little, savour, perhaps, a lovely cup of coffee (Or tea, if you would prefer) and read it again! It will change the whole concept you may have about social networking. In a way, in a very meaningful way, it changed mine. And I am certain it will change yours. Have a look and enjoy reading Friendship by the inimitable Euan Semple.

That, my friends, is where we need to head… That, my good friends, is where I shall keep treasuring you all for who you are and what you do. Day in, day out!

Ready to make the leap?

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  1. When I read your original post and the light went on, I had to stand up and walk around to take it all in (actually, I almost JUMPED up!) – that is how large of an ‘ah-ha!’ moment it was for me.

    Thanks for the original post, and for this kind post as well. It was wonderful to see everyones reactions to our posts. I hope others were able to have similar ‘ah-ha’ moments as well!

  2. Yes, Luis, it has to be real. We have exchanged ideas over several years and I’m still not sure if you would let me sleep in your living room for three nights. BTW, you’re always welcome here 🙂

  3. Hi Luis: I think Mr. Godin’s point is essentially quality matters. For example, the impact of a Facebook fan page on a large enterprise is inconsequential. However, a small business will recognize the value immediately.

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