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Welcome to the World of Socialnomics

Gran Canaria - Ayacata / The MonkIn the past, I have blogged a couple of times about the ever popular Did You Know? series of YouTube videos as some of the most provocative, inspiring and eye opening clips to help folks understand a little bit the kind of significant impact social computing and social software are having not only in our workplace (And the corporate environment in general, for that matter!), but also in our own personal and individual lives.

Well, it looks like we have got another video making the rounds on the Internet at the moment, which seems to pick the baton quite nicely and provide us with a follow up set of insights that would surely wow you without measure! I discovered the clip earlier on from a recent tweet from Daniel Hudson and I surely enjoyed watching through and get a more up to date of where we are in terms of the impact from social networking in almost everything we do hehe

And since it is Friday afternoon, end of another long, and very fruitful week at work, readying for the weekend (Just around the corner!) I thought I would go ahead and share it over here for you folks to have a look into it. Originally, it’s titled Social Media Revolution (Although I prefer much better one of the taglines from the video itself: "Welcome to the World of Socialnomics!", which gives the title to this blog post); it lasts for a little bit over 4 minutes and it was uploaded on July 30th (Yes, I know! Very recent!).

Like I said, it’s four minutes worth while watching and learning about some very interesting facts of what’s happening in the social media space and how we are, indeed, living in exponential times. I could talk plenty more about the video, but instead I will cut if short right here and just embed it below, so you can have a look into it. Enjoy it and have a good one everyone!

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    1. Hi Vijeesh! Thanks a bunch for dropping and for the kind comments. Yes, indeed, it surely is quite an interesting video and when I bumped into on Twitter I just thought it would be a good idea to share it over here in my blog, so I would be able to re-find it again hehe

      This is one of those videos that works really well to get things going with a presentation, seminar, workshop, whatever. So glad I can now re-find it bette hehe

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