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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – The Networking

A bunch of folks out there may have been wondering where I have been hiding in the last couple of days, after I came back from a wonderful week at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, since I haven’t been much online, hanging out in my usual external social software spaces. I am sure plenty of people were curious as to whether I would be sharing any further highlights (Other than the live tweeting I was able to do throughout various sessions) about the event itself, since a bunch of them are starting to flourish all over the place.

Well, fear not! I am back! Back into my usual regular blogging and slowly, but steadily, re-surfacing again in all external social software spaces where I usually hang out. It’s just the last couple of days I have been doing a massive catchup with everything that’s been happening at work, while I was away, but also, because I wanted to take some timeout and reflect on what I learned during the course of that week in Boston for Enterprise 2.0 and start drawing a mental picture of what I wanted to share as highlights and what not.

And I think I am ready! Ready to share with you folks my main highlights from what I flagged back then as the event of events, and still is! So much so that being away now for a couple of days from everything may have been a little bit as well to recover from that physical networking fatigue of just far too many people to talk to, but too little time all over the place and, in the end, not meeting up with enough of them. But let’s bring this one up in an upcoming entry …

For now though, I thought I would get things started with this upcoming series of blog posts by combining them with other things that have been happening and which I have also found a rather fascinating read from elsewhere and not related to the conference (That’s been part of the online catchup I have been doing so far as well…). So, hopefully, a combination of both highlights posts and the usual blogging will help get folks an idea of what’s been happening lately. And still keep up with the variety of topics so you won’t get bored in the process.

Thus you may be wondering why I am starting this series of articles with this one single highlight on Networking, right? Well, I think the answer is pretty obvious, but one of the major key highlights from the overall event was to be able to eventually meet up with a bunch of the incredibly smart talent that there is out there in the Enterprise 2.0 space and that I have had the pleasure, and honour, to hang out with in various social software spaces for a while now. To name them all it would not make good justice since I am sure I would be forgetting the odd name here and there, but I can certainly tell you this year’s Enterprise 2.0 conference has been one of the most networked events I have experienced to date!

One single event where my average sleeping time went from the usual 7 hours per day down to 4 per day and I still didn’t have enough hours in the day! One single event with the highest number of parties, TweetUps, dinner invitations, local gatherings, informal meetings that I can recall. Ever! Fantastic!!

Of course, I took some pictures, just like everyone else that was there. And one thing that I learned after the event is that my Nokia N95 is getting a bit too rusty and the quality of the pictures hasn’t been as good as I thought they would be. First time that happening. So I took tons of pictures, but most of them were far too dark, or with moving "targets", or just not good enough quality worth sharing. However, some others are, so I have placed them all in my Flickr account and here you have got a couple of them, so you can get an idea of what networking was like while at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston.

Then in another blog post I will share what that networking meant for me during the entire event as well as a couple of thoughts on how to improve it for the next year … Thus let’s get the ball rolling!

Enterprise 2.0 - 2009 - Boston, MA

Enterprise 2.0 - 2009 - Boston, MA

Enterprise 2.0 - 2009 - Boston, MA

Ouchie! No comments on this one, right, Maggie? 😀

Enterprise 2.0 - 2009 - Boston, MA

(Goodness, I wish plenty of the other photos I took from the different parties and TweetUps I attended would have come out nicely… Alas they didn’t … double sigh … Although, on the other hand, seeing these perhaps it’s much better they didn’t come out after all that well anyway :-P)

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  1. Ha! It was wonderful to see you again, Luis – although I must say, I’m looking rather beefy in that picture 😉

    E2.0 is absolutely one of my favourite conferences, hope to see you in SFO this fall!

    1. Hi Maggie! Absolutely! It was such a treat hanging out with you and the rest of the .CA gang! Really one of the highlights from the entire event seeing you folks F2F and having lots of great conversations over dinner, drinks, tweetups and what not! LOL! Loved it!

      That picture was just too good not to share it across! I have seen another one in Flickr where we are posing quite the opposite! Another really funny one! hehe

      Hope to see you, indeed, in November at #e2conf in SFO! Have a good one and thanks for dropping by! Hopefully, this time we won’t have to wait for a year to see each other!

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