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Us Now – On the Power of Mass Collaboration, Government and the Internet

After yesterday’s rather long blog post I thought I would try to keep things short this time around and share with you folks today a rather short one, but with plenty of insights on the reach and impact of social software not just inside of the corporate world, but way beyond, too, i.e. in our society, our governments, our way of life, etc. etc.

To do that I would want to point out to you Us Now, "a film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the Internet", where you will be able to find plenty of video interviews with some of today’s thought leaders in the space of Social Computing, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities. Most of them incredibly insightful and engaging throughout.

I first bumped into these video clips after reading a tweet from the always inspiring Paula Thornton, who referenced this short video interview with JP Rangaswami where he gets to talk about scarcity (And its impact in our world), information sharing, syndicating content, knowledge workers, visualising data and social software, of course.

Then while exploring the Web site further I bumped into another wonderful video interview that I would surely encourage everyone involved with Knowledge Management to listen to as well. It hosts the always knowledgeable and insightful Lee Bryant talking not only about what KM is good at, but also what’s missing and how it gets complemented by other, more informal, elements. Like I said, worth while watching, specially for its wider implications in our own society.

And that’s it! Keeping things short for today; hoping you enjoy the videos and the various many inspirational thoughts just as much as I did while discovering the Web site. It’s just little precious gems like these that you get to bump into through serendipitous knowledge discoveries that makes it all worth while, don’t you think?

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