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Business Value from SOA and Web 2.0 by Jeanne Murrary

Gran Canaria - Driving through the countrysideAs most of you folks out there would remember, last week IBM‘s IMPACT 2009 event took place in Las Vegas, and it surely caused quite a stir with plenty of people talking about it. I have already blogged a bit about it as well, referencing the Smart Work for a Smarter Planet – I’m an IBMer video clip, but I thought I would go ahead and share with you folks some other interesting insights relevant to the same topics I get to talk about over here around the area of Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration and Social Networking.

Why, you may be wondering, right? Well, mainly because it looks like the presentations from such great event are starting to become available (As Sandy Carter herself mentioned earlier on a couple of days back on Twitter). And as the materials start been shared across I thought I would point you to one of my favourites that I am sure folks who have been reading this blog for a while already would enjoy quite a bit.

It’s a lovely presentation that my team colleague, Jeanne Murrary, did during the event under the title: Business Value from SOA and Web 2.0 – Innovation, Relationships and Results and which touches base on some of the key success factors for the adoption of social software within the enterprise, after providing some really good background on the emergence of social computing in general, as well as sharing some further insights on how social software tools will change the way we work.

If you are interested in seeing the penetration of social software within IBM as far as usage is concerned, you should check out slide #13 for some quite revealing statistics. Also check out from slides #17 to #23 where you will see some key points behind proving the business value of social networking (Yes, I know, one of my favourite topics! heh).

Finally, from slides #24 to #27 you will be able to get some further details on what it exactly is that I get to work on with Jeanne, and a few other of my colleagues (Including a community with over 630 social software ambassadors / evangelists), on a daily basis in helping accelerate the adoption of social software within IBM by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Either way, I thought folks over here would want to check out that really nice deck Jeanne put together for IMPACT 2009, which describes a little bit the kind of disruption social software is having within IBM, its potential business value as well as detail some more what I have been up to for nearly two years now. And still going strong …

Not bad for a challenge to have, eh?

(Thanks a bunch, Jeanne, for sharing the slide deck with us! Really nice work!)

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