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Corporate Learning Trends – Conversations about Learning in Organisations

Gran Canaria - Degollada de las YeguasIn the last few days excitement has been building up around here, because in the next few hours there is going to be a 24 hour online event kicking off talking about one of my favourite topics that I keep covering over here every now and then: Learning, specially Informal Learning. Yes, that’s right, Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation is happy to announce Conversations about Learning in Organisations!

An event that will take place round the clock for 24 hours, as I have just mentioned, and which so far has got an outstanding agenda and a terrific line-up of incredibly talented and very knowledgeable speakers (Check Tony Karrer’s blog post to get more details on both of those topics!). But just in case, here is a little bit of a teaser of what the event is going to be like as well:

"For 24 hours starting April 21 at 9:00 am Pacific time, Learntrends will host a series of online conversations on boosting the performance of organizations through learning. […]

Our goal is honest dialog. No commercials. No presentations. Few or no slides. Often, we expect to throw three or four great people into an online fishbowl and let the conversation go where it will. At other times, participants will simply talk about whatever is on their minds, with a host and time cop occasionally nudging the conversation back to the theme of improving the process of learning in organizations. Here is more of our vision for the event"

There have been a few folks (Jay Crosshere and over here as well, Harold Jarche, George Siemens, Tony Karrer, Clark Quinn, etc.) who have also spent a few minutes putting together various blog posts talking about the event itself and sharing some further insights about their own expectations from what promises to be one of those massive online happenings difficult to forget.

The best part of this round-the-clock online event is that it is free to sign up for it; you can come and go as you may please (You can drop by and drop off at any given point in time of the event!); and on top of it all, you yourself can contribute as well on those conversations! Perhaps a glimpse of the future of conference events? Who knows, but you can see where my excitement comes from, right? Well, that’s not all of it just yet!

There are plenty of ways of getting involved with the event. You can suggest a topic for discussion ("You don’t need to be an expert to start a conversation here. What do you want to discuss?"); or you can check out the Learntrends Twitter handle and the Learntrends Twitter search feed, as well as the URL for the live event (Remember as well though that, if you miss the event, "conversations will be recorded and made available on the web to foster reflection and continuing discussion") and so forth.

Part of my excitement as well comes from what George Siemens has already blogged about last week under "Leveraging the human network" and that is the fact that both him and yours truly will be discussing "Learning in an era of networked intelligence". Yes, indeed, I will be one of those privileged folks who will be sharing the stage with George and participate from the event as well sharing my two cents on how I feel Learning is getting impacted by the emergence of social software, and other collaborative and knowledge sharing tools, in the workplace. Going to be plenty of good fun, I am sure! I just can’t wait for it to get started!

Will you be there?

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