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Working Smarter … (IBM Lotus Software)

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganRemember that short video clip I shared not long ago under the title "Smarter Collaboration Your Way (Video from IBM)" that reminded us all of how social software, and its enterprise adoption, is all about making us work smarter, but not necessarily harder? Well, it looks like that video is part of a new YouTube channel, where you would be able to find a whole bunch of other nicely done video clips on the topic of working smarter, together, with social software at the same time that you will find shorter clips where real people, from various different businesses, are trying hard to solve real problems by applying solutions with 2.0 flavours.

You can check most of them if you go into the following YouTube channel: Collaboration4you, but there is one particular one that I keep playing every so often and which not only do I find it rather enjoyable, but it is one of those clips that I can relate to quite a bit, more than anything else because some of the folks starring in them are folks I get to collaborate with on a daily basis and they are surely sharing plenty of thoughts on how social software is impacting the corporate world,  for the better. Check out IBM Lotus Software – Working Smarter (It lasts for a little bit over a minute):

But, like I have mentioned above, the interesting thing from this, relatively new, IBM YouTube channel is to eventually capture the stories of real people, and their businesses!, trying to solve those problems that perhaps other traditional collaboration and knowledge sharing tools haven’t been able to address accordingly. Yet, social software is slowly, but steadily, getting there …

One of those YouTube channels worth while subscribing to, for sure, if you ask me; specially, if you would want to keep up with how various different, small and large, enterprises are shifting gears helping accelerate their own adoption of social software to keep augmenting the experience(s) of what they already have. Probably the best of both worlds, don’t you think?

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