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IBM Lotusphere 2009 Highlights – Social Softwre in the Enterprise by Chris Reckling & Sandra Kogan

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganAfter a short hiatus, still trying to digest some of what happened yesterday throughout the day, I thought I would continue sharing with you folks the link to another presentation, which, to date, has become one of my favourites from all times around the subject of social software within the corporate environment. Do you remember Meet Charlie? That superb presentation that Scott Gavin has shared a little while ago and which certainly set up a standard on what Enterprise 2.0 is all about?

Well, my good friends and fellow IBM colleagues, Sandra Kogan and Chris Reckling, have finally shared the slide deck they put together for their presentation at this year’s IBM Lotusphere 2009 and when you eventually go through it you will be able to see the various similarities with that one from Scott, except that this time around, both Chris and Sandra have put together a good listing of the various social software tools for the Enterprise that IBM is offering to customers under three different scenarios: "a project manager, a sales person and a Web 2.0 marketing guy".

Chris posted the presentation into Slideshare, but he has also shared a short blog post on the topic over at his own blog and I thought I would link to it from here as well to share with you folks what it would be like getting exposed to some of the tools I myself get exposed to on a daily basis on my quest to live "A World Without Email". Over time, and as more and more exciting news get released on the super nifty upgrade of Lotus Connections v2.5, amongst many other interesting and relevant news, I shall be sharing some further insights on each and everyone of those social tools / components.

But, for now, here is a taster of what it is like going to work and not having to use corporate email to stay as productive as ever, if not more!

Not bad, eh? Not bad at all, indeed!

(Although this week has been radically different than usual, although that would be the subject for another upcoming blog post!)

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  1. Thank you Luis !!! Very good – and user oriented !!

    I’m currently looking Social media use case examples for global R&D teams… this is really valuable. Would you have good hints especially for R&D people ?

    – Minna

    1. Hi Minna, many thanks for the feedback comments and for the information details. Unfortunately, you are not the first one asking me for use case examples within R&D teams, and must confess that I have been looking around and haven’t found much materials in this area. I am hoping though to keep digging and if I bump into something I will surely let you know about it. I will keep in touch, whenever I can get my hands on such materials.

      Appreciated the feedback and look forward to speaking with you soon! 🙂

    1. Hiya, Israel! OUCHIE!!! You see? You shouldn’t start commenting on people’s blogs till *after* you have had a couple of coffees or something, because I didn’t realise about it till you commented over here! LOL!

      That will teach me for the next time, to look into the right blog, for the right blog post and with the right comments. Apologies, Israel, and many thanks for letting me know and for the feedback input!

      Greatly appreciated! (I am up and running now with already a cup on me and should be fully functional now!)

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