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Twouble with Twitters and Smarter Collaboration Your Way

Gran Canaria - Presa de AyagauresToday has been one of those where in some parts of Spain it has been a bank holiday and in some others it hasn’t. It’s Father’s Day (By the way, Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!)! So I have been lucky enough to enjoy a day off. A day I decided to be, as much as I possibly could, disconnected from everything online. Spent most of it out and about enjoying some lovely weather, going for long walks in the countryside and away from everything (Pictures coming along in my Flickr account soon!). Yes, unwinding could be the right word we could use!

As I got home, it was time to do a little catch up with things and see what happened while I was away. And in the midst of an incredibly amount of interesting things that I have bumped into so far, I thought I would ahead and share with you folks a couple of interesting ones, while I try to keep things short as well. It’s actually two different video clips. One of them incredibly funny and the other one a bit more serious, but amazingly accurate with the range of topics I get to cover on this blog for a long while now. Thus let’s get started and share the fun!

By now you probably know how crazy I am about Twitter, as perhaps one of the social networking tools outside of the firewall where I spend a good amount of time on a regular basis. Not to worry, I am not going to share any links, for the time being, to the plenty of good stuff that’s getting written about it so far. Instead, I would ask you to spend a bit over four minutes watching this video clip: Twouble with Twitters

Hilarious, isn’t it? Well, now you know what it feels like being in the Twittersphere!! (Twiiiiiitttteeeerrrr!!!)

The second video I would want to share with you folks is a bit more serious. It’s about working smarter, not necessarily harder, it’s about pushing innovation further into the next level; it’s about encouraging new models of collaboration and co-creation between vendors, their customers and business partners alike; it’s about driving further the next wave of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the corporate world; it’s about connections and relationships in the enterprise world as the next wave of interactions to get business done; it’s about all of that and plenty more! Check out: Smarter Collaboration Your Way (Video from IBM)

Not bad these two videos to wrap up a superb day unwinding from everything online, don’t you think? Special thanks for the hat tip on the IBM video to fellow colleague Stefan and my good friend Martin Koser, who blogged about it earlier on today as well. Thanks, guys!!

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