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Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe by Loic Lemeur

And since yesterday was a rather long blog post, I thought today I would share with you folks a shorter one. A much shorter one, actually. But a rather interesting, compelling and enlightening one. One that would take you about 14 minutes to digest, but keep you thinking for a long while! I am sure of that! At least, it has had that effect with me.

Check out this interview that Loic Lemeur has shared over at his blog of a recent 12 minute interview he did with Seth Godin where he gets to talk about his concept of tribes; marketing done right; leading the way through community involvement, driven by empowering community members to thrive on through their (And your!) common passion(s) / mission; on doing what you are really good at and stick with that!; on reflecting why you shouldn’t jump into every single social networking tool there is out there just for the sake of it (Incredibly inspiring that part of the interview, by the way!); in short, how you can (And should!) define your own social software adoption strategy to make you better at what you already do excel at!

Yes, indeed, one of the best short interviews I have seen in a long while! Really enjoyed that informal flavour they gave to it as well, with plenty of knowledge nuggets to chew on that, like I said, would make you think about plenty of the stuff you are heavily involved with at the moment. Thus without much further ado, here it is:

Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe

Now, is that the reason why I have been relatively quiet today in Twitter? Hummm, some further food for thought in there, I think… Oh, and listen up to some of the amazing stuff Seth also talks about with regards to one of my favourite topics as of late: re-purposing e-mail to communicate, share and collaborate with others!

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  1. I’ve been changing my pattern of reading online content, towards focusing on specific individuals, rather than on specific content. This is showing up on my behaviour on Friendfeed, as I’m spending less time on Facebook.

    I had made a comment on Don Tai’s blog about technological filtering (i.e. pipes/mashups) versus social filtering. I think that the idea of social filtering is closer to what Seth Godin was saying, except we’re not necessarily talking about huge tribes, just smaller micro-tribes on specific and ephemeral interests.

    1. Hi David! Great comments and follow up, indeed! I must admit that I am on your side as well. Ever since I first got involved with social software, around 2002 / 2003, I have had a tendency to reading online content focusing on the individuals and their ideas more than on a specific topic.

      In fact, I still do that same thing today. Latest example? Latest version of Twhirl that supposedly allows you to create groups based on searches you perform, when in reality it is actually searches on topics and not groups of people. A bit disappointing, but then again that’s what TweetDeck is there as well, right? Same thing goes for FriendFeed, by the way.

      I also agree with you that the future of Search is not just based on a technological filtering, but more a social or collaborative filtering that I like to call it. Why? Because of the validation factor, not only am I able to find the right content at the right time, but I am also having, right there, right then, instant contact with the expert or interested party who filtered that content. That can only be a winner, in my opinion.

      We may well be talking about micro-tribes, but they still have a tremendous influence in how we find and reuse content, both inside and outside of the firewall, so it would be interesting to see how it would pave out in the end adding all of these social technologies into the search engine area … Let’s see how it goes from here…

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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