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Trip to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to Present at the Dutch Innovation Platform

Last couple of days have been a bit more hectic than usual, probably due to the holidays coming up (Happy Thanksgiving to those folks who may be celebrating it!), as well as myself preparing and getting ready for what’s supposed to be my last business trip of the year (And what a year!!!) and which will take place next week Monday for most of the week itself. This time around, and for the second time this year, I will be heading to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where I will be arriving on Monday afternoon and be leaving on Thursday noon as well.

The purpose of my trip to Rotterdam this time around would be to meet up with a couple of customers to talk about Social Software and what IBM is doing in that specific area, both internally and externally, with a specific focus on the social and cultural changes happening in the corporate environment versus just a social software tools focus.

Then the other reason why I will be going to The Netherlands is to eventually take part in one of those special events around the world of Innovation that you know is going to have a significant impact and will leave you behind with too much food for thought. Yes, indeed, I am talking about the event that every year the Dutch Innovation Platform puts together around the subject of higher education, research and innovation. This time around with the title: "Above the ground level" ("Boven het maaiveld") and hosted at Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek in Rotterdam itself.

You would be able to find more information and further details about the event itself over at its main homepage or, alternatively, you can also download the full agenda from here. As you go through it you would be able to see how at 15:30 pm local time, I will be presenting on what’s been one of my favourite topics as of late (And if you have been reading this blog long enough you would know already which one it is, right? 😉 ): "A world without mail", where I will be sharing my experiences on what’s been like giving up on e-mail for the last 10 months and a half in such a big (And e-mail driven!) corporation as IBM!

Needless to say that I am incredibly excited about taking part in this particular event, as I am sure you would be able to see from the quality of the actual agenda itself; and to be able to present a glimpse of the kind of impact that social computing is having within the corporate world as part of that Social Innovation that a few of us have been advocating for a little while now is probably one of the best ways of ending an unforgettable year. One that has surely changed the way I work, interact, connect, collaborate and share my knowledge with other colleagues, but not only that, also my life! Why not.

If you are going to be around that time in Rotterdam next week, and if you would want to get together for a drink or two to catch up, feel free to give me a shout and we will make it happen. I will be there from Monday afternoon, till Thursday afternoon, like I mentioned above, and after I get back I will go ahead and share some further highlights from the event itself. I am sure it would be one of those events hard to forget for a while! As usual!

Ready to Innovate with a capital I?

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  1. Luis,

    Great to hear that you come to rotterdam 🙂 my hometown.

    Quick question Luis is there a possibilty you could give a presentation at our company about socal software or so. We are an IBM business Partner so I don’t know if thta is possible. I thought if you are already in holland maybe you could honour us with a visut of yours 🙂

    Hope to hear sonnn of you

  2. Hi Sjaak! Many thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, indeed, I surely look forward to being in Rotterdam again! heh I will be arriving on Monday afternoon and will be there till Thursday afternoon as well. On Tuesday I have got a couple of meetings, but I am thinking that it could be doable to go and share with you folks some further insights on Social Software. Not sure where you are located, but if it is in Rotterdam itself, it could work. Please check the right column of this blog for the e-mail address to exchange phone numbers and further details and see if we could make it work…

    Thanks again for dropping by and hope we get a chance to make it! Excellent stuff!

  3. Sounds very interesting, Luis! Especially this:

    “The purpose of my trip to Rotterdam this time around would be to meet up with a couple of customers to talk about Social Software and what IBM is doing in that specific area, both internally and externally, with a specific focus on the social and cultural changes happening in the corporate environment versus just a social software tools focus.”

    Do tell us more and how they are measuring the changes.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi Dan! Many thanks for the follow up and for the information details. Alas, and like almost as usual, there have been some changes happening since that blog post. Apparently, the customer meetings I got scheduled for me all got postponed for a later date / time, so I am afraid it won’t be happening.

    On the bright side of things, I just got a confirmation I will also be talking to a whole bunch of students attending the event and sharing with them what it is like using the social tools they already use for their personal benefit, but on a corporate environment. And have been advised to be rather provocative, too!

    Just the perfect mix! And looking forward to it! Will let you know how it goes…

  5. Hi Luis,

    Very interesting workshop today. I’ll be blogging about it soon for the Dutch Civil Servant 2.0 community (Ambtenaar 2.0 http://www.ambtenaar20.nl). To bad I left in the morning when you were more provocative to the students…

    I hope you will share your thoughts about the meeting on a later time.

    An interesting audience in the Netherlands might be Lifehacking Academy (www.lifehacking-academy.nl). They organise events several times a year with all kind of workshops. I’ve been once and think your story would give a near perfect fit to their workshops.

    Regards, Krispijn

  6. Hi Krispijn, many thanks for droping by and for sharing your thoughts over here and in Twitter over the session we did earlier on today. It was great seeing you there and I am really looking forward to that blog post, which I will also be linking to and provide some further insights I may be able to share.

    Yes, there will be a highlights blog post coming up at some point where I will share impressions not only about the session I did in the afternoon, but also the one in the morning, specially since I know there was some subsequent video footage recorded on what they did, so I will link to that as well.

    And then I will share my impressions about the rest of the event, which so far has been a wonderful wrap up of an intensive year participating in multiple events and this one just leaves a lovely aftertaste 😀

    Oh, and thanks much for the heads up on the Lifehacking Academy! I will go ahead and check out their Web site and see if there is anything I can propose. Certainly the concept of a workshop where you can expand further on the concept makes plenty of sense. Looking forward to investigating that and hope to perhaps connect with you face to face again on my next visit! Till then, thanks again for all of the great feedback and keep having fun! 🙂

  7. You’re welcome. Looking forward to your post about today.

    For Lifehacking Academy try a tweet to @resourcerer (Martijn Aslander). He is my contact over at the Dutch lifehackers. Also Taco Oosterkamp from Meereffect (more effect) was very interested in your workshop, but his Getting Things Done workshop was simultanious with yours.

    I’m going to have a lot of fun tomorrow with a lunch meeting about crowdsourcing Dutch innovation policy, so sleepy time.

  8. Oh, brilliant! Many thanks for following up and great to know about those contacts! More than happy to liaise with them once I get back home. Already getting everything ready to leave tomorrow morning and arriving late at night, but I will surely pick it up with them and get in touch and see where things go from there! Appreciated the heads up, Krispijn, and the helpful info details! Thanks much!

    Good luck tomorrow and have a good one! Welterusten… 😉

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