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Managing the Zoo

Phew!! Finally! Today I got the chance, at last, to go through and digest, quite intensively, one of the best reads I have gone through in months around the subject of Social Computing within the Enterprise. Not only do I feel it is going to become an essential reading from here onwards, but I also feel that it will be a must read for those knowledge workers, companies, businesses, whatever, who would want to get things going with the wider adoption of social networking beyond the initial grassroots efforts. Yes, that good! While I have been reading through it I just couldn’t help nod time and time again as to how accurate it is with regards to stating the status of things within the corporate world for this wider adoption of social software right as we speak.

In fact, if you have got a Knowledge Management background you would enjoy it quite a bit, too, since it does cover a very educational and enlightening trip down the memory lane on where KM was, where it went and where it will go with the adoption of social computing. Something that, as already mentioned in the article itself, we would not be able to stop any longer. Well, yes, there is one single aspect that may put a stop to it, and that is the whole point behind that very insightful blog post.

That single aspect is management and how it has remained stagnated for several decades! And how if Enterprise 2.0 is to prove successful within the corporate firewall we would have to start provoking big, massive changes in how we get to educate our leaders to become the kind of managers we would want for our businesses to be able to adopt and embrace successfully social networking in the near future.

I bet I got your attention already to get busy reading that article, right? Well, it is a rather long entry; in fact, it will be one of those blog posts that you will enjoy reading time and time again and at a low pace, for how condensed it is and how much really good stuff it has all around to deal with how traditional organisations have worked and what it will take for them to change in order to be ready for that Enterprise 2.0 movement to kick in behind the firewall.

There are plenty of things I could share about the article itself, but like I said, I am going to skip through all that and point you right away to it. Head over to Headshift’s blog and check out one of the recent entries put together by my good friend Olivier Amprimo under the title "The Museum and the Zoo" and read on!

You should not skip the section where uses the metaphor of a museum and a zoo to correlate to different various types of businesses as to how far they are within their own adoption of social computing within the enterprise. Priceless!!

And, finally, I bet that while you keep reading through it, you will be reminded at times about one other really powerful blog post put together by the wonderful Kathy Sierra, some time ago, on the topic of Manager 2.0 where you will find this very spot on figure that certainly illustrates as well Olivier’s brilliant take of how we need to provoke the change of our leaders of today to become the managers of tomorrow in the current Knowledge Economy we just entered:

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