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The True Business Value from Social Computing by Robert Paterson & Luis Suarez

I am sure that at this point in time of another week about to finish you were expecting from me to share with you the weekly blog post on the current experiment I am conducting on giving up e-mail (Work related e-mail, that is). However, I am afraid you would have to wait a few more hours as I am just too excited at the moment about the progress made this week and several interesting conversations I have bumped into as well, during the course of the last couple of days. So you would have to allow me to take some time to digest another wonderful week of events at the same time that I get to put together that progress report when all of that excitement wears off a bit. Not to worry, you won’t have to wait too long. Just a few more hours …

Thus what would I talk about today then, right? You may be wondering. Well, continuing with that fashion of putting together shorter blog posts, I would just like to point out to you an AMAZING blog post that a very good friend of mine, Rob Paterson, just put together earlier on and with which I feel, if anything, truly touched!

Most people out there, who have been following this blog for a good number of months, would realise about how excited I have been all along about social computing both in the corporate world and outside. I am sure that you may have experienced some of that excitement here in this blog. However, today I have got something for you that will certainly help you understand where all of that excitement comes from.

Go and read Rob Paterson‘s article titled: "The Mystery of Attraction on the web – Luis Suarez"

I am going to keep this entry rather short, since Rob’s post is rather long, but, believe me, if you ever have to justify the business value, or just simply the value, from Social Computing, I would strongly suggest you keep forwarding and linking to Rob’s entry, because it is just as good as it gets, regardless what some other people may tell you. It is an essential and indispensable read that shows you the magic of serendipity, some wonderful knowledge discoveries and how we are all somehow connected with one another through smaller villages inside of that major metropolis that the Web is at the moment.

Like I said, keeping it short, go and read this unique and wonderful article and you will get to find out why over 5 years ago I decided to get involved with social computing and become what I am today: a social computing ambassador as excited and thrilled as back in day one!! And still going strong!!

Have a good one everyone!

(And a SPECIAL thanks to Rob for a superb and unforgettable conversation through Skype, earlier on this week, that would be difficult to forget throughout the years! Rob, many thanks for allowing me to be part of your small village! It is certainly a great honour and the pleasure was all mine!)

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