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A Conversation about Project Management and Social Media by Dennis McDonald

Are you a big fan of Project Management? Are you into Social Media / Computing? Do you have a keen interest to figure out some more the kind of impact that Social Media is having in the traditional Project Management area? Would you want to be very knowledgeable on how social computing is transforming as well the world of Project Management and with very little effort from your side? Then walk no further than this blog post.

A few days ago, just about as I went into hiding mode trying to finish off a number of slide decks that I will be using for upcoming conference events I will be attending in the next few weeks, my good friend, Dennis McDonald, contacted me through Facebook telling me about some the stuff that he has been doing lately on evaluating the impact that Social Media has been having, and still has, within Project Management.

Back then he asked me whether I knew if there would be any folks out there from within the PM world interested in some of the stuff he was doing, as he wanted to open up the conversations some more and get plenty more dialogue going from one area that has fascinated him for a quite a bit lately: Project Management & Social Media walking hand in hand.

Of course, I had to chime in and help him reach out further. I know that a few of my regular readers over here are rather state of the art Project Managers with a keen interest in exploring further what the role may well be from Social Computing within their area of expertise, so the least I could do was to act a little bit of a connector and get you folks on to some very interesting, enlightening and thought-provoking materials that Dennis has been putting together quite nicely in a single one page of summaries and links to in-depth articles.

So it is with great pleasure that I am putting together these words to point to some fascinating that Dennis has been working on for a while under A Conversation about Project Management and Social Media. In there you will be able to find 10 very resourceful links on multiple various topics touching in these two areas of PM and social computing. Like I said, you could surely get over there and find out some more on making the connection between these two. I am sure that titles like "There Is No One Project Management Tool to Rule Them All", "Re-Imagine Project Management", "Tools of Communication in Project Management" or even "What Do We Mean by "Social Media"?" will surely grab your attention and perhaps even get you going to reach out and establish a networking connection with Dennis.

By all means, go ahead and do that! That’s the whole point of this blog post. Spreading the message, get some more conversations going and help Dennis find out some more how social media is changing the way you are doing Project Management. I bet you would have a bunch of fascinating stories to share! So why not?

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