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Open Enterprise 2.0 Mashup Summit: Expanding Customer Value Networks – February 2008

If last week I created a blog post on an upcoming conference event I would be rather interested in attending, but which in the end I will not be able to, since I have got other commitments, here I am again writing about another event that has passed through me without noticing and that I also wanted to blog about: Open Enterprise 2.0 Mashup Summit: Expanding Customer Value Networks, which already took place on February 1st. Bummer!!

Yes, indeed, double bummer! I first got a couple of notices from various resources about the upcoming event and although I knew I was not going to be able to make it, I still wanted to blog about it ahead of time to give folks a chance to potentially be share & share their thoughts with us. But you know how it goes, time flies when you are having fun and just today I realised the event took place already over a week ago! OUCH!!!

Would probably need to ensure it doesn’t happen any more, as I always find quite interesting such events where they are trying to do something that very few folks have ventured into at this point in time: mashups. That is right! You may have heard all over the place, and for years!, about traditional knowledge sharing and collaboration. You may have heard about social software and the impact it’s currently having within the corporate firewall. However, there isn’t, just yet, in my opinion, quite a buzz built up on what I think is what is going to make social networking click for the enterprise out there and big time in the end!; i.e. merging the best of the traditional knowledge sharing & collaboration with social computing: mashups!

If you take a look into the actual agenda you would agree with me that it is a rather impressive one, to say the least, and quite a few of the topics do actually indicate an initial trend of how social computing should not be focusing on substituting what’s already out there, but, on the contrary, enhance and augment what’s been used for years and which continues to be used! That challenge of mixing up successfully both traditional knowledge sharing & collaboration with social computing is what makes mashups such a fascinating topic at the moment. Still to be thoroughly absorbed by us all.

That’s one of the reasons why I was seriously looking forward to finding out whether folks, who may have been attending the event, will be sharing their insights on what actually happened and the outcome of the summit. So, did you make it to the event? Did you actually blog it? It looks like not many people have ventured into sharing their experiences just yet… Thus what are you waiting for? … We are all eager to find out some more on the next challenge for the Enterprise …

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