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21 Days of Wiki Adoption by Stewart Mader

For a good number of months I have always been a big fan from Stewart Mader, author of the fine Blog on Wiki Patterns, and who recently published Wikipatterns (A book I just managed to get my hands on and which I will start reading shortly – so review coming up soon as well!), where he gets to put together a how-to guide for growing wiki use in organisations with practical advice and plenty of helpful tips!! Now, I have never met Stewart face to face, and I am surely hoping to be able to do so at some point soon. However, having read through his blog for so long, I do feel like I know him for a little while now and realise that he has always been on to something really amazing: spreading the word on how you can make effective use of wikis within organisations in order to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst knowledge workers.

And he is at it again, folks! If you head over to Blog on Wiki Patterns, he has just gotten started with a series of blog posts that are surely going to get plenty of attention, specially from those folks who may be wanting to know more on how they can deploy wikis within their businesses.

Yes, indeed, check out 21 Days of Wiki Adoption, where over the course of 21 days Stewart will get together a number of videocasts, where he would be sharing with us all plenty of helpful tips on how to deploy successfully wikis within the enterprise. Just brilliant!

I have always been a big fan of wikis, for a good number of years I have been contributing to various different online wiki spaces and even though I have been involved with them for a long while now, must say that he has already gotten himself into a very solid, helpful, educational and enlightening start, with an Intro episode on what the series would cover, along with what to expect and what you will learn out it. Very informative! From there onwards, the couple of videos he has shared already will grab your attention just as much, if not more! The one on Day 1: Grassroots is Best is just superb and so spot on!! Talking about the damage that command-and-control has been having throughout all of these years and how grassroots efforts and wiki evangelising will eventually get you there!

But it gets better. Check out Day 2: Wiki vs. Email! WOW! Did I enjoy that episode or what?!?! The entire episode reminded me quite strongly of the vodcast / screencast "Wikis in Plain Englis" by Sachi & Lee LeFever. Very simple, very effective, straight to the point on why e-mail may potentially be a good communication tool, but an incredibly lousy collaborative one! Worth while watching to say the least! And stay tuned because very shortly I am going to expand further myself on that one sharing with you my new approach to work related e-mail. Those who know me for a while now would love it… The other ones would probably want me to be fired!! Stay tuned…

So there you have it. If you don’t have anything better to do over the next 21 days stay tuned and check out Stewart Mader’s series on 21 Days of Wiki Adoption. I bet, I know, I am sure of it, that after watching through the entire show with the different episodes, you would be more than ready to start deploying those wikis within your organisation. And if not time will tell… Get ready to learn some more tips from Stewart on wiki adoption and let’s keep spreading the word around! Wikis are here to stay and whether people like it or not, knowledge workers do have a say on how they would want to collaborate and share their knowledge. And probably wikis are as good as it gets!

(Oh, and just like Martin Koser has been mentioning over at his blog post on the topic, over the next few days I am going to probably link to those videos that Stewart would be putting together where I can help contribute into the overall conversation, so this would not be the last time that I actually get to talk about it…)

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