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The Impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden and Jon Husband – Part IV

Continued from The Impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden and Jon Husband – Part III

"Knowledge work becomes the way we do things around here"

"It’s not something subject to corporate objectives or focus or to formal roles". Perhaps the end of what we used to know as traditional Knowledge Management. WOW! How is that for an statement! (Loved it!) And what about this other one: "The role of the technology (IT) department is to create connectivity between people". Or this one: "It is time for the firewalls to be brought in to the raw data […], but for everything to do with e-mail, collaboration and exchange, there is no point in making a corporate decision about that […]. Let people go free in the Web. […] It is much more fluid and is free and people now well adopt and pick up new tools very quickly. […] Novelty is very important […]"

(Not going to spoil what Dave mentioned just after this, but it is just priceless and a clear indication of where we are heading on the existence, or non-existence, of collaboration tools behind the corporate firewall. You will enjoy his quote on what should be done with mail attachments and, even better, what the role of the IT department should be like!! Not quite what you would be expecting, I am quite sure! 😉 )

From there onwards Jon gets to touch base on a couple of points that Dave mentioned throughout the podcast on the motivation of sharing knowledge and the voluntary need of exchanging information with other knowledge workers versus reaching whatever targets and how incentivation for knowledge work paved out for him. Worth while listening to his story, because it is also one of those that clearly defines the role of incentives in a knowledge sharing culture, which then Dave comes to complement rather nicely giving the example of how McKenzie does it (An eye-opener, to say the least), along with a lovely trip down the memory lane on how consultants and consultant work came together till today. Worth while listening to it, if you are a consultant and want to know where it all got started and where we are now.

To be continued …

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