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Web 2.0 by Ed Yourdon – As Good As It Gets

In about one day and a few more hours from now I am actually going to take a 12 day vacation. Yes, I know, this week is going to be a short one! YAY! I am actually not planning to go anywhere, so in between here and there, while I am chilling out a bit, I have decided to put aside a number of different social computing reading materials I would want to check out further and re-visit them again to take a look more in-depth and perhaps contribute some more into the overall conversation(s).

One of those items that I will be checking back on during the days I am off is the superb piece of work that Ed Yourdon has put together under the massively entertaining, educational, and enlightening, presentation on Web 2.0. He has already been talking about it over at Web 2.0 presentation (V47) on Slideshare and has shared it both in Slideshare and Google Docs, so you would be able to check it out through whatever method you would prefer.

One thing for sure is that, to me, it is perhaps one of the most complete and descriptive presentations you would find out there around the subject of Web 2.0, Social Computing and Social Software. It is one of those presentations (With a massive 120 slides to go through in a breeze) that everyone who would want to get familiar with Web 2.0 should check out. An essential, if you ask me.

So while I have it parked to take a look at it at a later time, and perhaps contribute some more into the overall effort, I thought I would go ahead today and share the slide deck link with you so that you could have a look yourself and learn a thing or two from it. Must say that every time I do go through it I always learn something. That is what I think makes Ed’s presentation an indispensable resource for everyone out there, whether they are into social computing or not yet, and if not check it out yourself and see what you think:

(As usual, a big THANK YOU! to Ed, for continuing updating such a fantastic resource, but, even better, for sharing it with us all! It is one of those fundamental resources that keeps getting used as essential reference materials day in day out. Well done, Ed! Thanks for sharing!)

(Update 06-11-07): Earlier on today, Ed mentioned to me via Twitter how he has been already making further updates into v. 47 and we are now off to v. 48, which you can also access through Slideshare over here or you can check out Version 48 of Ugly Betty for a more thorough description of the different changes implemented into this particular version. As you can see Ed’s Web 2.0 massive slide deck is a work in progress and somehow I feel that there will be more updates to come, so you may want to stay tuned and subscribe to his blog, in case you may not have, so that you are able to keep up the pace!

Thanks again, Ed, for the heads up and for sharing with us the feedback on the latest version of the presentation materials. Way to go!

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