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Technologic – 1440

I thought I would be able to create another blog post today, but after all of the excitement going on over the last couple of days with the new job and everything, and thinking it is already Friday, end of a fantastic week, my brain is in party mode, as you can imagine. It is finding it hard to concentrate and I can’t blame it for it. So I am going to keep things short in here and be your YouTube pimp, once more.

Here are a couple of videos that caught my attention recently. The first one because of its originality and funky tunes, and the second one (In Spanish, I am afraid), because of the message it tries to portrait. Something along these lines:

"Let’s suppose each morning you find 1.440 euros. Without doing nothing to earn them.
You can give them away, spend them, have fun with them or burn them.
But the ones you haven’t used, at the end of the day, will disappear.
That’s how life works. The difference is that what you find each morning are not 1.440 euros. Are 1.440 minutes.
Think carefully what you’re going to do with them.

Have fun.

Oh, and here is a bonus video clip (One of the most hilarious videos I have seen in months!)

Have a good one everyone!

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