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Social Media at IBM By Andy Piper

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During the course of yesterday a good friend of mine, and fellow IBM colleague, Andy Piper, got a chance to speak at the European Corporate Blogging Summit around the subject of how IBM has been embracing social software over the last couple of years, not only behind the corporate firewall, but also outside, to engage in further conversations with business partners and customers by sharing their knowledge, collaborating and innovating together in a social computing environment.

Just this morning, Andy created a post where he is actually blogging the presentation he used. 43 slides of pure delight going through some of the stuff that a whole bunch of us have been exposed to for a little while now. He is using Slideshare to host the presentation and, if you would want to check it out, here is the direct link to it.

In it, you would be able to see how Andy gets to describe how social computing is impacting the world of collaboration and knowledge sharing by empowering knowledge workers to share their own knowledge much easier. So, in it, you would be able to see how we are making use of blogs, with Blog Central (slide 10 and 11 have got both some stats and a screen shot of Andy’s internal blog for those interested), the Lotus Greenhouse (Which, I am sure, I would have the opportunity to blog some more about it shortly), etc. etc.

At the same time you would be able to check how IBM is making use of online / virtual / distributed communities to help on the adoption of those social software tools and from there onwards he gets to talk about other external social computing tools that some of us have been exposed to, and used quite extensively. For people already involved with them it may well be eventually the usual suspects: podcasting, YouTube, the greater IBM Connection, Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm, virtual worlds (Second Life), etc.

Andy mentioned as well that he is working his way through the presentation to add the different speaker notes he covered during the event, but I just thought I would share with you the slide deck as a taster and then some time over the next couple of days you can come back and check the comments out. Knowing Andy, I am sure they will be worth it.

So, without much further ado, here is the direct link and the embedded presentation so that you get a chance to go through it. Hope you enjoy it:

(Thanks ever so much, Andy, for sharing the slide deck with us in Slideshare. Great stuff!)

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