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And You Thought That Knowledge Management Was Invented a Few Decades Ago?

Hummm … Well, you may need to think about it twice. It is Friday, the weekend is just around the corner and you would probably be much better off reading something light to get you going, right? Well, here it is. In an era where plenty of people think that Knowledge Management is a discipline that was put together a few decades ago, here is something that clearly shows quite the opposite: KM has been with us for a long while and will continue to be so, whether we like it or not. And here is a living proof of it, dating from about 5,000 years ago! Yes, you read it right: 5,000 years!!

But before I get to share it, I just want to thank Kirti Kapoor, one of the active members from the ITtoolbox nextwork, for sending me an e-mail with the actual slide deck I am about to share on the subject. I asked her if she would be willing to share it in Slideshare, so that everyone would benefit from it, and she right away agreed with it. Way cool!

I could probably say a lot of things about the presentation itself, but, like I said at the beginning of the blog post, I am going to keep it short and just challenge you to see if you can identify some of the main key KM principles that transpire throughout the slide deck. You would be amazed about how much KM was applied a few thousand years ago with this particular Lessons on Strategy from The Mahabharata:

Have a good weekend, everyone! (Oh, and I am writing this particular weblog post while attending remotely the speaker session from Stephen Collins at the Office 2.0 event on "Knowledge Worker 2.0"! Can it get better than this?)

(Thanks much, Kirti, for sharing the slide deck with us! Greatly appreciated to be shown there is no need to reinvent the wheel 🙂 )

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