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CoScripter – Simplifying Web-based Processes

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A couple of days ago, I finished up the weblog post from alphaWorks – IBM Emeging Technology indicating that very shortly I would be talking about one particular new emerging technology put together in alphaWorks itself, that I strongly feel would be a huge productivity enhancement for those of us who live on the Web day in day out. One of my fellow IBM colleagues, Aneel Lakhani, has already blogged about it over at his own blog and this is his conclusion on such technology:

"[…] Because whatever complicated (or not) thing you’re trying to do in your browser has been done before. And sometimes it’s just easier not to figure a thing out from scratch."

Aneel is actually talking about CoScripter, a super cool FireFox extension that helps you work your way through whatever the repetitive task, record it, share it and help others (Along with yourself) save time having to do that task again in the near future. It is like a massive macro extension that will help speed your own browsing experience by saving you time where it matters. Here is a bit more thorough description of how it works (Directly from the homepage):

"CoScripter is a system for capturing, sharing, and automating tasks on the Web. CoScripter scripts contain human-readable instructions for completing Web-based processes, such as changing your mailing address or searching for real estate. If the CoScripter plug-in for Firefox is installed, CoScripter can step through scripts with you, showing you how to perform the task, step by step. CoScripter can also run scripts automatically, eliminating repetitive or mundane tasks for the user."

How cool is that? A tool that would help you speed up the way you accomplish tasks on the Web using your favourite Web browser and without having to go elsewhere!

You can find out much more about it over here, including the instructions on how to install it (Requires an IBM ID login) and a good list of scripts you can already play with to see its full potential. You can even have a taste of the different social software features put together by checking out the overall site. Even more, there is a demo available, which you can play over here, and which will show you how it eventually works. Probably better seeing it in the works than me trying to explain it, don’t you think? It takes about 4 minutes and, not to worry, it will be worth while the time. I am sure.

Overall, this is one of those emerging technologies that could surely make a difference in the way you surf the Internet. I have been using it internally, behind the IBM firewall, for some time now and the first time I saw it working I knew it would be one of my must-have, don’t miss out FireFox extensions, next to some other ones I may be able to talk about in the near future. But, for the time being, I would strongly encourage you all to have a look into it and play around with it some more. I bet it will be one of those extensions that over time would become essential to your day to day Web activities.

Oh, one more thing, knowing that the one and only, Tessa Lau, is behind it as well just adds up further into the outstanding quality of the offering put together for all of us to experiment with! Check out also Jon Udell‘s recent podcast he did with her over at IT Conversations, talking around that very same subject, although at the time it was called Koala.

(Now, if only it would work with Flock as well. That would be totally awesome!!)

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