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About to Enter the World of Mobile 2.0 – Finally!

(Previously, on elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog at ITtoolbox I created the attached weblog entry and, as time goes by, I just cannot wait for the day when I can get my hands on one of these, specially now that it has become available and a lot cheaper than what I thought it would be!)

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(Picture courtesy from Steve Garfield)

There is no doubt that as time goes by Mobile 2.0 is becoming more and more relevant to the mobile workforce in their social computing consumption and as such there is always a great chance that those same mobile knowledge workers would always be out there looking for that killer mobile device that would help them enjoy the Mobile 2.0 experience just as much as their regular Web social computing experience.

Well, it looks like I may be one of those, because for the last few weeks / months I have already been searching for such mobile device that would help me further with my social computing experience while I am on the road travelling to different places, specially with the recent trips I have been doing and those that are left for the remaining of the year.

And it seems that I may have found what I have been looking for all along. Just the other day, in Twitter, one of my good friends shared a hat-tip on the latest gadget coming from Nokia, the N95. That tip was this particular video from YouTube where you can watch a really good , and thorough, overview of what it has got to offer. And as you would be able to see, it is not that bad. Not bad at all!

Another friend of mine also shared with me the link to the review that Gizmodo did a few days back and over there you would be able to read as well not only some of the great things about it, but also some of the cons that the N95 may have, mainly, issues with the battery life.

Even here, in ITtoolbox, James shared a short weblog post where he mentioned how Matt Miller has posted an extensive review of the device itself that would be worth while checking, for those interested. And at this stage you may be wondering why I have written this particular weblog entry, right?

Well, like I mentioned at the beginning of the weblog post, for the last few months I have been searching for the killer app. mobile device that would help me with my own social computing experience while I am travelling, and whatever else, and after watching all of those different reviews that I have mentioned above, and a few others, I have finally decided that as soon as the device becomes available in Spain I am going to go for it. It does meet my needs for most of what I would want to do with it, and although there are some cons (i.e. that battery life), I still feel the pros outnumber the cons. And big time!

Only thing remaining though would be the price tag, which seems to be on the high range, but I guess you will all find out about that very shortly, as I have been advised it will become available before the end of this month. But so far it looks like a winner. At least, to me. I will leave it for a later time to detail what some of those needs are and how the new N95 Nokia gadget meets them all and quite nicely, if in the end I decide to purchase it…

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