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Ok, I Am Finally Giving In – I Am Now Twittering!

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Yes, that is right, folks! I am finally giving in to it! And it is not because of the huge buzz going on at the moment around the subject of Twitter. I am sure that by now most of you out there would have heard, or read, something about the latest social computing offering hitting the masses big time! I must confess that I have been following quite a few of the different conversations taking place and from the very beginning I was not really sure that it would be one other social networking tool that I would be giving it a try. However, and over time, there have been a couple of folks who have been demonstrating the incredible value of using something so relatively simple as sharing quick messages with folks telling you what they are actually doing. Because that is what Twitter is all about.

So that is why thanks to folks like Euan Semple or David Gurteen, amongst others, I think I am finally ready to take Twitter for a spin and actually be able to use it quite extensively while I am getting ready for my upcoming trip to Budapest. At the beginning, I doubted it would be of any use for someone like me who rather spends his time in front of the computer or doing something totally unrelated and away from it. However, while I have been observing how it has evolved, I am actually finding out how a good amount of the folks that I normally follow through their own weblogs have also started twittering or are on the verge of trying it out sharing their thoughts about their experiences thus far.

And here I am. Here is my Twitter profile. Yes, I know, rather empty at the moment, but not to worry, because that is going to change over the next few hours, and couple of days. Yes, that is right, from now on, and with the excuse of the trip to Budapest I am actually going to try it out and see how useful I may find it all along. I am not sure just yet how much detail I will be providing to the overall experience, since I have always felt that there are things that I would want to share with you folks, and others that would rather remain with me, so while I am still finding that balance between one aspect and the other you may want to bear with me for a little while I get the hang of it.

I bet that in the first few items there wouldn’t probably much useful stuff, since I would be testing it out, specially trying to find the best flow that would match my needs, and, hopefully, yours, too. However, one of the things that I am surely going to be doing is actually using Twitter not only to show you what I am doing, but also sharing with you some of the stuff I am reading from my RSS feeds, news items and whatever other articles I may be bumping into. Yes, that is right, sometimes I feel that I get to read a whole bunch of different interesting weblog articles, but since you can only weblog up to so much I am just going to try and share those links as well with you, so that we may be able to revisit them at some point and share some additional commentary about them.

Yes, I guess you could call that my own personal online notepad, but with a twist, because I am going to be sharing it with all those folks out there interested in the subject. And from here I guess that I just need to mention that I am going to be starting slow as well adding those of you who are twittering already, so if I haven’t added you just yet, don’t worry, it is coming along. It may take a bit longer, but it will eventually get there. However, if you would want to be a bit more pro-active and reach out to me, here is my profile, once again, so that you can also get things going from your end. Let’s get going with some more twittering!

(Later on, and as things get going, I will probably be sharing a few other thoughts in upcoming weblog entries about the overall experience, so that you may be able to get an idea of how I feel about it. Oh, and in case you are reading this through the RSS feed, check out the weblog template because I have also added the Twitter badge so that you get a chance to read some more of my twitterings directly from elsua.net)

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  1. Hi Beth! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback ! Welcome to elsua! Appreciated the adding me to your friend list! Hopefully, we would be able to share some stuff we didn’t know about, or, even better, be able to meet up face to face at some point. Look forward to that!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi Jeremiah! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, indeed, Twitter is a very powerful tool for micro-blogging and while I have been playing around with it during the course of this morning, it is actually going to fit it, quite nicely, with something that I was missing all along. That is, the opportunity to just share, store and get feedback on articles that I have read and which I have found interesting and that I might want to weblog about at a later time. So just for that purpose, it is worth while the effort! Specially, when I can share all that stuff with those folks who I feel would also be interested in it.

    It is like having a personal notepad, but instead of keeping all those goodies to yourself you actually get to share them with everyone!

    Plus it makes for a superb team / community building tool, but more on that later, when I have got a much better informed opinion about it…

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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