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I am sure that by now you may have had a chance to quickly scan through my blogroll I have shared in this particular weblog and you may have found out one of those weblogs that I have subscribed to recently and which I think is really worth while checking out. It was originally created a few weeks ago as a powerful method to provide some context on this week’s FASTforward ’07 conference event taking place from  February 7th till 9th in San Diego, CA, US. And what it has ended up providing is an incredible set of really helpful resources and worth while weblogs entries around the subject of Enterprise 2.0. And that is how you can get yourself off to a successful event even before you get it going!

You come up and build up TheFASTForward Blog, a superb Social Computing related weblog, where you line up one of the most impressive list of Enterprise 2.0 contributors to the blogosphere that you may be able to find currently out there, and you get them to weblog on what they are already passionate about. And that formula is just bound to be incredibly successful as it has proved to be thus far. So much so that FASTforward ’07 is one of those events that I was hopeful I would be able to make, but that in the end, for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to in the end. Sad, I know, but that is life, I guess. You can only attend up to so many conference events, I supposed. Sigh.

Either way, I am hooked on this particular weblog and here is an excerpt why (Posted some time ago already by Hylton Jolliffe):

"(A little context: this blog, which is sponsored by FAST Search & Transfer, was conceived and developed as a companion blog to FASTforward 07, which will take place in San Diego from February 7-9. The conference, like this blog, aims to explore how a new generation of enterprise applications and capabilities are enabling companies to better capture, harness, analyze, and search data, foster communication and collaboration, and connect individuals and ideas within companies. More info on the event, at which Ray Lane, John Battelle, Tim O’Reilly and others will be speaking, can be found here.)" (Emphasis mine)

I guess that would be good enough to get you hooked up, too, right? Specially if you are into Enterprise 2.0, social computing, social software tools and the like, because those are some of the main topics of discussion from this particular group weblog, amongst other things.

I have been catching up with The FASTForward Blog ever from nearly the very first beginning and over time I have been collecting a number of different weblog posts from that weblog where I would want to share my two cents worth of commentary and that is actually something that I am planning to do from here onwards, now that my final catchup with them all has been completed. This is actually one of the great things about weblogs and events like this one. You actually get a chance to check out on the conference itself, just in case you may be able to make it and if not you can carry on with the conversation directly out there in the blogosphere. I doubt it would get any better than this, except for the being there in real life thing, of course, so expect to read some more over here about some of those great posts that people have been sharing thus far.

And if you do not have enough information on Enterprise 2.0 to get you going I then suggest you re-check the list of contributors and start subscribing to their weblogs, because, like I said, that list is actually a well known bunch of passionate folks around social computing within the Enterprise and beyond. Oh, and if that is not good enough still, check out on that same link of contributors the stuff that they themselves keep reading on a regular basis, i.e. their blogroll. Pretty impressive and quite a lot of interesting and worth while following materials that will certainly help you pave the ground of how your business, whether large enterprise or small business, could be adopting some of those social software tools that we have been using for a while already. Lots of thought-provoking materials in there and lots of incredibly helpful tips on how to get things going. I tell you.

So go on now and dive into The FASTForward Blog and if you get a chance to attend the event in real person don’t forget about doing some live con-blogging, so that we all get a chance to keep up with the conversations! Time to get started with some great fun, don’t you think?

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  1. Hi Bill ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Appreciated. You are actually very welcome. It has been, indeed, a while since last time I linked to any of your weblog entries, even though you have been sharing some really good stuff lately, and not just over at The FASTForward Blog. I have got a couple of your weblog posts that I would want to comment on and I guess they will be coming along pretty soon. So stay tuned ! I, too, have enjoyed our conversations and here is to keep on enjoying some more of it! Have a great event (If you made it in the end) and I am sure we would be able to catch up with your thoughts on it shortly. Look forward to that!

  2. Bill adn Luis, it’s good to know that both of you are more in sync together. Expect that both of your BLOG exchange the comment and views on FASTFORWARD things that’s coming !

  3. Hi Sawada-san! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts with us! This is, indeed, some really good stuff ! It is amazing what a small world this is from the perspective of you having connected with both of us through different media and share with us some of your passion around the very same subjects that both Bill and myself get to talk both in our weblogs. Of course, we will continue to cross link each other, and it is greatly appreciated that others out there would appreciate that exchange. So thanks for that and keep coming back ! To either of our weblogs!

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