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Just One Wish…

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As we are approaching the end of 2006, and as I get to write perhaps the last weblog post of this incredibly exciting year, there are plenty of different things that I would want to detail at this point in time. Lots of incredible happenings that probably at the beginning of the year I never thought, nor dreamt, I would have been able to enjoy. Yet, here I am celebrating that 2006 is nearly over and that 2007 is just around the corner!

I guess that this would be the time as well where I could relate some of the different achievements that I have been able to accomplish during the course of 2006 and everything else. Or, rather, I could probably also be letting you know about the different New Year resolutions that I have been thinking about over the last couple of weeks, like everyone else has been doing lately. But the truth is that I am not going to do that.

This is actually going to be a weblog post that I am going to be dedicating to those little precious moments that we all get to enjoy in our daily lives and that make our own existence worth while all the way on their own. Yes, I am sure that you know exactly what I am talking about. Those precious moments that we all seem to have been taking for granted all along and that we seem not to appreciate just as much as we should probably do. This is, indeed, a post to celebrate something so precious to us all that we probably should not have forgotten about it altogether. Ever! … Life!

Yes, this is a weblog entry to show some appreciation for something that I have been able to enjoy for some time now, but that just the day before yesterday I had the opportunity of losing it in a split second. For good… My life.

That is right, a couple of days ago a good friend of mine and myself decided to go for a ride with the car into the countryside and check out one other route that we haven’t done just yet for some spectacular scenery that I will be sharing some more thoughts about in upcoming weblog posts. We had a fantastic day, but as we were driving our way back home everything would have been spoiled in just that split second if it weren’t for my friend’s great driving skills because one other driver thought it was ok to overtake someone else’s car on a curve while we were driving through at just that very moment!

Yes, I know, very close. Phew! I think I have never seen it so close. So much so that for the last couple of days I haven’t been able to think about anything else than just that experience. Over and over. How something so precious and yet so simple, our own lives, can be wrecked just like that. How in just a nick of time everything that we have been able to build over the last few years can go away for good. Yes, just like that! I suppose in all of these previous years my New Year resolutions and best wishes have always been around different subjects: happiness, prosperity, family, love, friendship, partnership, work, money, good luck, etc. You name it.

I guess this year, as we are about to enter 2007 (And while others are well into it already!), things are going to be a little bit different. This year there will be no 2006 highlights from myself, no resolutions for the New Year, no best wishes to everyone out there, other than to share with you one single thought. One single wish: treasure your life and enjoy it every single minute of it!

Because at the end of the day it is just those little precious moments we get to experience that make it all worth while living. The rest is just circumstantial. Life isn’t. So my highlight for what is to come, my New Year resolution, my best wish for all of you, and your loved ones, out there in 2007 is nothing more, nothing less than wishing you a Healthy 2007! where you get a chance to live your life to the fullest with plenty of health to be able to enjoy everything else. The rest, as I just said, is just circumstantial. Thus,

a Happy, Prosperous and, above all, Healthy New Year 2007 to you all!

(Keep safe and have a good one!)

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