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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Weeks 47 and 48

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Oh dear, I actually thought that I had shared a weblog post last week where I was sharing the weekly glimpse of elsua‘s (The Knowledge Management Blog) for week 47, like I have been doing for the last few weeks already, to then only find out just now that it didn’t get posted after all. It just went into my draft weblog entries and it has been sitting there ever since ! Hummm, I guess I will have to go ahead and re-write what I put together back then and try to combine it with the weekly glimpse from the following week. So that is what I will do. However, I will try to keep the weblog post as short as possible and therefore just share the details of the different weblog entries without duplicating content. Let’s see. Here you have got the most popular weblog posts for the last two weeks from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog ranked by page hits:

1. 15 Ways to Use Software to Improve Your Knowledge Management: If you ever wondered what would be some of the major components that a successful Knowledge Management programme should have, if you are in the actual process of reviewing your current Knowledge Management programme I would encourage you all to check Techsoup’s article on "15 Ways to Use Software to Improve Your Knowledge Management" where you would find plenty of different tips put together by combining the best of both worlds, both the traditional KM and the new emerging KM based on social computing. Worth while a read and here is a preview of what you would be able to find over there.

2. Taking Down Knowledge Management Barriers: Ever wonder why Knowledge Management didn’t take off within the enterprise in the way it was first envisioned? Ever thought what were the main KM barriers that prevented that massive adoption of KM programs? Want to find out how things are changing nowadays with the inclusion of social software into the whole picture? Here is a weblog post that touches on some of the issues of the past and also a look into the brilliant present and most promising future.

3. IBM TV – Keeping an Eye on IBM Happenings: Ever wanted to keep up to date with whatever is happening over at IBM around the world of Knowledge and Information Management, Collaboration, Communities, Emerging Technologies, Social Software and Web 2.0? Ever wanted to know how IBM is trying to combine the best of both worlds and merging quite successfully both traditional groupware tools with the latest on social software tools? Then you may be interested in this particular weblog post where I am sharing a link to the IBM TV Web site where you can find some good resources to get you going in this area. So read on further for some more recommendations on what to check first.

4. Tips for Successful Corporate Blogs: Ever wanted to find out what corporate weblogging is all about? Thought you have seen it all when talking about corporate / enterprise weblogging? Ever thought you have had enough of all those studies and surveys? Well, here is a weblog post I created where I referenced another weblog post by Roland Piquepaille that gets to comment on a very worth while survey and study performed around the subject of corporate weblogs and which I am sure you are going to enjoy. This time around, this one is coming from Northeastern University, MA., and Backbone Media Inc.

5. Instant Messaging As a Powerful Vehicle for Instant Communications with the Enterprise: Here is a weblog post where I am sharing some of the annotations that I have taken from a recent e-meeting I have attended, through the replay, from Osterman Research Inc. around the subject of Enterprise IM and how Instant Messaging is making its way rather quick into the enterprise world as perhaps one of the most powerful collaborative tools for real-time interactions. Long gone are the days where IM was just meant for teenagers …

6. IBM’s Knowledge Management Strategy: This is also bound to be one of the most popular weblog posts for the whole month, because on the statistics it is actually showing up on the Top 5 for three consecutive weeks. So I guess it is interesting for folks out there to find out what IBM is currently doing around its KM strategy. And I guess that over here, in this weblog, you would be able to hear some more about it, specially now that I have got the IBM category up and running. Thus stay tuned for plenty more to come.

7. Vyew 2.0 – Free Web Collaboration: This particular article also came up on the top 5 for week 46 and it clearly shows how much worth while it actually is in order to help virtual and distributed teams and communities collaborate and share knowledge on whatever the topic. And all of that with just something so relatively simple as just having your favourite browser and a URL. Stunning!

8. BlinkList Guide for Educators- Tools and Tagging: Here is a quick weblog post that actually details how you can get the most of your social networking tools experience by making extensive use of an impressive social bookmarking tool like del.icio.us and FireFox 2.0 and how in my own set up I am actually achieving similar results making use of both BlinkList and Flock. BlinkList as my preferred social bookmarking tool which now integrates quite nicely with whatever other social bookmarking tool and Flock, still my default web browser despite the recent releases from IE7 and FireFox 2.

As you would be able to see, plenty of different topics dealing not just with traditional Knowledge Management but also with the next generation of KM, Social Computing, which, as I have been saying all along, is perhaps what KM should have been all about all along: the perfect combination in balance of both explicit and tacit knowledge exchanges. Good stuff!

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