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What Is Web 2.0? By Andy Budd

I am sure that by now you have probably been exposed to a good number of different presentations around the subject of Web 2.0 and Social Software and perhaps you may think that you have seen it all and everything. If that is the case I suggest then you stop reading now, and head somewhere else, because I am just going to point you, folks, to a presentation I have bumped into just recently, and which I have enjoyed quite a bit, around the subject of Social Networking.

So if you are one of those who cannot get enough of such presentations or if you happen to be one of the very few who may not know what Social Software is all about, I think that this particular slide deck, if you could call it like that, would actually be rather helpful for you. It was actually put together by Andy Budd and you can find it over here: What Is Web 2.0?

Even though the slide deck was put together some time ago it is still very much relevant and in it you would be able to read how Andy tries to, and succeeds big time, demystify most of the different topics related to such movement and goes beyond the hype in order to provide some concrete examples and concepts that could be applied in order to get the most out of social networking.

That is why over there you would find some really good tips on why it is good to consider Web 2.0 a buzzword (Who would have thought about that, right?), and how social software has always been a state of mind, regardless what some other people may have thought all along by indicating it is all about the tools. No, it is not. And Andy makes a really good point about that!

From there onwards you would be able to see how he manages to put together some very compelling slides that describe what makes Web 2.0, along with some concrete examples of Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0. And also one other key aspect that, to me, is just so spot on about what social networking is all about: Participation. Participation where end-users are encouraged to contribute into whatever the social space, partaking from the collective intelligence put together and with the ability of reusing and re-mixing to help communities come together into some sense of ownership of what they have been doing thus far. WOW! Doesn’t that sound like the ideal KM program put together?: Participation, use and reuse, mix and re-mix, be part of a large entity (A community, or multiple of them) and contribute into that collective intelligence and through that ownership become smarter at what people do on a daily basis.

From there onwards, you would be able to see how Andy gets to comment on a number of different Web 2.0 applications available out there (Some of them I have already talked about in the recent past), including as well some screen shots so that you see what they  look like.

From there onwards, you would be able to see in those slides how we are just witnessing another era of Internet revolution and, much more importantly, how you can make a difference within that revolution, instead of just figuring out if you are witnessing another Internet bubble or not. Just move on with the social software flow and keep innovating in that space. That is the whole point, indeed, and I couldn’t have agreed more with it!

Thus, as you would be able to see, a very down-to-earth presentation deck where Andy has done a really good job addressing some of the main fears that have surrounded Web 2.0 all along, how you can overcome them, and much more interestingly, how you can actually turn them all to your side and get out there to share your knowledge and collaborate with other knowledge workers. Brilliant!

Highly recommended!

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