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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 45

During the course of this week, and due to vacation and the usual catchup with things, I actually didn’t get much of a chance to share the weekly weblog post of the most popular weblog entries from my other Internet weblog over at ITtoolbox: elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. So I thought I may as well do it today, since we are at the end of another week. I must say that while looking into those stats I actually had some very interesting surprises, specially because apparently two of the most popular weblog entries have been from two of my favourite knowledge tools available out there: Vyew and Newzie. You may want to take a look into them if you are looking for that killer e-meeting tool and RSS / Atom feed client, respectively.

Thus without any further delay here you have got a quick summary of the most popular weblog posts over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog from last week. As usual, feel free to chime in and share your thoughts rather over here in this weblog post or at the original weblog entries, if you would want to add your two cents worth of commentary 🙂

1.Vyew 2.0 – Free Web Collaboration: Here is a quick weblog post that shows you my favourite top three features from the recently upgraded Vyew 2.0. Perhaps one of the most powerful online and real-time collaboration tools out there for us all to make use of it free of charge. Yes, that is right, free of charge for everyone! Find out why Vyew 2.0 is just so much more than just an e-meeting tool.

2. Social Sites Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing – Part Deux: Here is a follow up from last Friday’s weblog post on social networking fatigue that comes to discuss some of the different results coming through from a Lifehacker Reader Poll where they has been some interesting outcome that comes to agree pretty closely with what I have mentioned last Friday. It is all about focus and balance and here are some more thoughts around the whole discussion.

3. What Are Online RSS Feeds? By Seth Sutel: In this particular weblog post I have tried to capture the essence from a recent news article by Seth Sutel that tries to uncover, and very successfully, in my opinion, most of the main myths behind the social software concept of RSS feeds and how they are not as difficult to digest as what most people think. Because, after all, RSS feeds are all about this motto: "You’ll just be subscribing to what you want, where you want, and when you want it".

4. Newzie – Finding Your Near-Perfect RSS Feed Client: In the following weblog post I have tried to detail what are two of the most powerful RSS feed reader clients I have been exposed in the last few months as a way to actually introduce the latest release made a few days ago about one of them, which has now become one of my two favourites and for a number of reasons. That RSS feed client is Newzie and here is a small review of why you may want to look into it yourself. Yes, not to worry, it is also freeware.

5. How Is Your Email Etiquette?: For the third week on a row, this particular weblog post seems to have been rather popular, once more. This time around, perhaps with not so many reads, but definitely still one of the most read and it is actually funny because all along I have been advocating for how e-mail may not well be one of the best collaborative tools out there, despite what some other folks may be saying, and still it looks like it keeps coming up ! Go figure 😉

And that was it. Next week I shall be sharing again another weblog post along these same lines but for week 46, and now that I am all done up with my RSS feeds catchup my regular weblogging in both Internet weblogs would resume as usual and, like always, touching base on some really good conversations that have been going on while I was away. Thus stay tuned for some more to come !

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