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Never Thought I Would Be Saying This But…

It looks like my ADSL wireless router has beaten me up once again ! And big time ! For the last five and a half hours, and for no good reason, I have been knocked out completely off the network. I still have to figure out what actually happened in the end. Not even the customer service representative could figure out what happened. The thing is that for the first time this year my ADSL wireless router decided to die on me for a few hours and reminded me of how vulnerable I really am without a live Internet connection. It felt almost like being naked in a …! Yes, that, indeed !

Anyway, the funny thing is that I am not sure why but when I came back from my daily swim a few minutes ago I actually tried it out again and see if it would connect me and voilá this time around it worked ! Go figure ! That is just one of the things that I really like about technology. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And it doesn’t ask for a reason, does it?

Well, now that I come to think about it, did my ADSL wireless router decide to play funny on me so that I would learn the lesson on the same day that I was actually planning to take for a spin the new La Fonera that I just purchased a few days ago and which has finally arrived? Yes, indeed, I am really excited about diving some more into La Fonera and check some more further into FON, the ever growing worldwide social (And free) wireless WiFi community. Wooohooo ! Doesn’t that sound really exciting (And inviting?)? Is that the reason why my router didn’t want to play along with it? And all that just after unpacking the box ! Imagine what would happen when I try to install it further. Hummm, food for some further thoughts… and perhaps a future weblog post on the results.

Now, unfortunately, when everything is back up and running, there is the usual catchup of what have actually may have happened while I have been away. So you would have to bear with me as the regular weblogging will resume from tomorrow onwards.And why not right now? Well, because the life part of the work / life balance dichotomy just kicked in and is demanding my attention in full force. And somehow this time around it seems to be winning. So I shall be back tomorrow (With a live Internet connection, I would hope!) …

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