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The Vortex: Experiments in Online Collaboration – Surfing the Second Wave of Online Collaboration

It looks like Nancy White has done it again ! What a terrific piece of work she has put together over at Slideshare !

Check out Surfing the Second Wave of Online Collaboration where you would be able to see the huge impact that all these new emerging technologies, i.e. social software tools or Web 2.0, are actually having in the world of online collaboration. Yes, I am sure that as you go through the different slides you would be able to read some of the stuff that I have also been talking around over here, but more than just covering online collaboration it would be more down to Knowledge Management in itself. I, too, believe that we are on that same comeback that Nancy mentions for Knowledge Management and Collaboration where thanks to that social software people are re-thinking of new ways of sharing knowledge and collaborating with others.

And her slides are just a good proof of what lies ahead. Some very exciting times ! Here is the Slideshare deck embedded into this weblog post, just in case you may want to check it out right away. See what you think and if you liked the show just head over to the original resource and drop a comment or two ! (I just did myself!)

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