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Business Blog Study – A Study on the Impact of Corporate Weblogs

Late last week I got an e-mail from Ingo Haupt where he was actually pointing me to a study he is actually conducting around the subject of Corporate Weblogs or Business Weblogs and in it he was actually asking me for 10 minutes of my time to go ahead and fill in a survey he has recently put up together over at Business Blog Study where with it he is hoping to be able to build up some interesting and significant data that would help him evaluate the impact of corporate weblogs within the organisations and much more specifically the impact in the interactions with customers. Here is a quick write-up from the survey’s homepage:

"Hello my name is Ingo Haupt, I am a business student at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Within the framework of my degree dissertation at the chair of marketing of Professor Dr. Frank Huber at Johannes Gutenberg University, I am conducting a research project about business blogs / corporate blogs as a consumer relationship instrument. For further information please have a look at my personal weblog, where I document the progress of my study.

A large number of completed survey questionnaires are the basis for a successful evaluation. Therefore, your participation on this research would be of high value for this project.

Answering the survey questions will take approximately 10 minutes.
Please try to answer every question. There are no wrong or right answers, only your personal opinion is important. Sometimes it can seem like the questions are repetitive, however the questions are not identical just similar to allow different perspectives.

As a matter of course all information will be treated strictly confidential. The survey results will be published anonymously, so no conclusions on the statements will be possible."

So I thought I would go ahead and spend those 10 minutes and provide some further input to help add up into the accuracy of the overall study. Having been weblogging for over 2.5 years over time I have grown to feel curious about this type of studies as they always provide some interesting results on the impact of the so-call Web 2.0 or social software like weblogs within the corporation and it looks like this time around it is slightly different because it puts together the other side of the equation: i.e. the customers. So you get to pick up your favourite business blog(s), then you rate it and the data gets collected and analysed later. And once the study is finished the results would be shared with everyone else and, hopefully, we would be able to reuse them.

If you feel you would want to contribute as well to the work that Ingo has been putting together on this particular survey you would be able to find it over here and at the same time once the results are made available I will go ahead and share some further insights about them. Thus, stay tuned!

Oh, and while you are going through the survey you would enter a draw for 3 shopping coupons for Amazon worth 25 US$ each. Just to get you in the mood 🙂

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