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Follow up!: Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis – London – September 2006

If you would remember, a few weeks back I created a weblog post over here where I was mentioning a very interesting conference event that would be taking place later on this year in September in London around the subject of Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis. Back then I mentioned how that event would be something that I would be really looking forward to and will try to see if I can make it although I still cannot confirm if I would be there or not. Either way, earlier on today I receive an e-mail from Julie, one of the organisers of the event, where she pointed me to the actual agenda they have put together for the two days conference. And I must say that I am impressed. Very impressed.

You would be able to download the brochure from here, if you would want to read some more about it, but by the looks of it the list of speakers is very good. I have gone through the listing of the different sessions and there are some of them out there that I would certainly be looking forward to. Like, for instance:

  • Euan Semple’s "The Quiet Revolution – how social computing will change the workplace"
  • Lee Bryant’s "Informal Knowledge Sharing with Social Networking"
  • Duncan Brown’s "The Influence of Social Network Technologies: Who’s Influencing Whom?"
  • John Davies’ "Combining Wikis & the Semantic Web: towards Web3.0?"
  • Lloyd Davis’ "Creating an In-House (Social) Media Empire"
  • Stowe Boyd‘s "Social Media: Blogs and Participatory Culture"
  • James Lappin’s "Social Bookmarking Inside the Organisation: connecting people to people and to information"
  • Karen Eden’s "The bottom line: What’s in it for me?"

That sounds like a pretty packed up event, right? It surely does, but as you will be able to see it would certainly be worth while attending the event. Even more so since I have also noticed that one of my IBM fellow colleagues, Ian McNairn, will also be speaking on the subject "What is IBM doing with Web 2.0 tools, Concepts and Mash-Ups and Why?" to probably discuss and mention some of the different IBM Web 2.0 tools that I have been touching base on over here in the last few months. So I would be able to catch up with him again since last time we met each other was back in 2003, at an IBM Knowledge Management conference.

As I said, I am not sure just yet if I would be able to make it or not but one thing for sure is that if I manage to make it I will certainly be looking forward to it. Lots of great speakers, lots of great topics to cover, a packed up agenda and on top of that, London, one of my favourite cities. Can it get better than that ? I doubt it. Will you be there?

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  1. Hey Luis, great blog! Certainly sounds like a good event, but unfortunately I know I won’t be there. But I’ve been looking lately to get a Master’s Degree in Knowledge Management. The program that I’ve liked the most so far is an online offer from a local school (I live in Monterrey, Mexico http://www.ruv.itesm.mx/portal/promocion/oe/m/mik/) , but wonder if you have any recommendations or know of any other online KM programs.

    I work in a Small Business located in Georgia, USA, as a software application developer, but I think that some formal approachs for KM will benefit the Company.

  2. Hello César ! Thanks a lot for the warm feedback comments and welcome to elsua

    Yes, I know what you mean. It is a bit unfortunate that you will not be able to make it but you never know there would be plenty of other events, I am sure. Either way, regarding your question on a Master’s Degree on Knowledge Management, there are several other options out there available, apart from the one you have mentioned. And there are also some discussions going on about why you shouldn’t worry about certification in a KM program per se. In this particular area I can certainly suggest you have a look into actKM and subscribe to their discussion list as once you would get there you would be able to follow previous discussions around the topic of KM certification from some of the top KM leaders out there. So it would be a good read as it would also provide you with some interesting suggestions as to where to go for it and how to approach it.

    Then from the KM perspective of the kind of job you do at that Small Business I would suggest you keep going at it. There is a great chance that you would be able to set up something that would work for the company and for you. If you would need some help or advise in this particular area, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will be more than happy to help out as much as I possibly can. Thanks again for the feedback and a pleasure having met you in the last couple of days !

  3. Thank you for your reply and for the reference, Luis. I just subscribed to the list, I’m sure it will be very helpful.

    Gracias y saludos desde Mexico

  4. You are most welcome, César ! I am glad to read it may help out. Just let me know if you would need more information details.

    Un saludo desde el otro lado del “charco” 😉

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