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RSS for Newbies

Gina Trapani has actually shared a link, via Lifehacker, to a very good resource that I am sure I would be making use of it quite often in my quest to help more people understand a bit more and adopt this so-called social software hype. Indeed, in RSS for newbies Gina actually points out to the following article: A non-technical explanation of RSS where you would be able to find one of the most comprehensive, easier to understand, articles on what RSS is all about and how to get started with it not only from the perspective of understanding some of the concepts in place but also by showing you a couple of tools or offerings you could use, both from an offline feed client perspective or from a web syndication offering perspective. Either way would work.

The good thing is that the authors of the article just put in very few sentences how to work successfully with RSS without having to worry too much about understanding the technical part, which I am sure for those folks who may not be familiar with it would be rather difficult to adopt and start making use of. Thus as we are starting to see how more and more web sites are actually syndicating their content, no longer restricted to weblogs alone, it is always good and refreshing that there are other resources out there who focus on easing out the user experience in order to make those knowledge worker much more comfortable when having to make use of such relatively new technologies.

Thus kudos to the folks from of Zen and Computing for putting together such a short, straight to the point and effective article what RSS and web syndication is all about. Its simplicity in explaining it all about syndication surely reminds me as well of RSS Newsniche, one of those resources that everyone should take a look at if they would want people to comprehend simple key terms related to social software offerings like RSS, weblogging, etc. etc. but without having to worry about all the potential technicalities. A keeper for sure.

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